DTL 036 Renetta Weaver

Addicted to Food? It’s Time to Overcome It with Dr. Renetta Weaver

Dr. Renetta Weaver is a Master Addiction Counselor with 10 years of experience as the Clinical Director of Intensive Addictions Services with the Military. She helps educate and guide you on getting to the root of your addiction, understand the steps to recovery, and develop a comprehensive relapse prevention plan. She is most passionate about helping people overcome their addiction or bad relationship with food.

Addicted to Food? It’s Time to Overcome It with Dr. Renetta Weaver

Key takeaways:

  • Dr. Renetta’s work chose her in this space. Although working in the addictions arena for the last 10 years was very rewarding, it’s time to make a transition change.
  • Dr. Renetta is passionate about weight loss! She underwent bariatric surgery and the results have changed her life.
  • When you struggle with food, it’s difficult because you can’t just “quit cold turkey.”
  • Dr. Renetta helps her patients develop a better mindset when it comes to food.
  • Dr. Renetta shares her favorite acronym — HALT and what it stands for.
  • Dr. Renetta experienced a lot of ugly trauma in the past and the weight started appearing after that trauma.
  • Most of Dr. Renetta’s family, including her husband, did not want her to have this bariatric surgery.
  • Dr. Renetta shares what her experience was like with the surgery. She had to learn to build a completely new relationship with food and it was tough!
  • What are the bariatric monologues going to be about?
  • We do so much with food, people don’t realize how hard it can be to practice conscious restraint.
  • Interested in working with Dr. Renetta?
  • Why did Dr. Renetta decide to quit her job after working for the same employer for 10 years?
  • When your comfort zone becomes uncomfortable, that’s life trying to tell you it’s time to move.
  • Dr. Renetta is at peace with her decision to quit her job. She is looking forward to the future!
  • The pain is not in the action. The pain is in the decision.
It doesn’t even matter what the addiction is. We still have to eat, but it’s about developing a different relationship with food. Click To Tweet When we’re feeding, that’s not true hunger. It’s feeding the hunger of our emotions. Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired? Before you pick up food, ask yourself which one you are. Click To Tweet There’s nothing wrong with us. We are the essence of beauty. Whatever size, shape, color. Whatever we are. Click To Tweet

About Dr. Renetta Weaver

DTL 036 Renetta Weaver

Renetta otherwise known as the “Unstuck Queen” is a Clinical Social Worker, Neuroscience Coach and a Certified Employee Assistance Professional in the state of MD and DC. She is a two time best selling co-author and her chapters “What’s Eating You” and “Healing My Hungry Heart” both highlight her personal journey of overcoming physical and emotional weight. The area of weight loss, specifically for the Bariatric community, continues to be the focus of her Clinical practice. She is the founder of Total Transitions Ministry and the Bariatric Queen Project. Her goal is to help you release the physical and emotional weight that is standing between where you are and where you want to be; even if you have tried and failed before.

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