DTL 022 | Bryan Lewis

Adminja: A Client Management Tool for Virtual Assistants with Bryan Lewis

Bryan Lewis is the Founder of Adminja, a client management platform specifically designed for Virtual Assistants. Everything a VA might need to keep track of client projects, billing, individual tasks, and more is provided in Adminja. Bryan shares a little bit about his software and how it helps VAs as well as shares his predictions for a more virtual future in this week’s episode!

Adminja: A Client Management Tool for Virtual Assistants

Key takeaways:

  • Bryan is matching Kathy’s tiara-wearing spirit by wearing a wizard hat.
  • How has COVID-19 impacted Bryan this year? He’s going a bit stir crazy.
  • Bryan shares his “dare to leap” story. He had $300 in his pocket when he decided to leave his hometown and move to where the “internet action was at” in the ’90s.
  • Has Bryan ever been fired?
  • Kathy and Bryan share their age discrimination stories they experienced as they have gotten older.
  • How does Adminja work?
  • Why does Kathy love Adminja so much?
  • Kathy is not tech-savvy at all, but she loves working in Adminja because it’s so intuitive to understand and she can quickly get the reports she needs. It has such a low-tech learning curve!
  • Bryan has a great special for the first 25 Dare to Leap podcast listeners!
  • Virtual is here to stay. We will see an uptick in virtual teams when things go “back to normal.”
  • As things become more automated, will the need for VAs slowly become obsolete?
  • What’s next for Bryan?
  • Bryan is not a fan of the term “gig worker.” He explains why.
  • Virtual assistant is actually quite a hard keyword to do ads for. The same goes for the acronym VA.
  • Are you a VA? Head on over to Adminja and check it out!
  • Kathy loves Adminja because it helps you stand out from the rest. Imagine how much time/money gets lost by you not accurately tracking your tasks?
The world has now seen what virtual is like, and while we’re getting a little tired of it, when we go back to normal life, we’re going to be virtual a whole lot more than we did before. Click To Tweet Virtual assistant is the most impossible keyword to do ads for on Google because what comes up is Siri or Cortana. Click To Tweet It’s the admin work that drives you crazy, not the client work. If the admin work is automated? You feel more comfortable taking on more clients. Click To Tweet

About Bryan Lewis

DTL 022 | Bryan Lewis

Bryan is the founder of Adminja, a software platform for Virtual Assistants that helps them organize their clients and manage their business. A native of Tennessee, Bryan has spent the past 20 years in Chicago, leading teams in information design, website design and small business application development.

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