DTL 032 Jennifer Tamborski

Charge Your Worth with Jennifer Tamborski

Jennifer Tamborski is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Facebook Ads Expert, and a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer. Before Jennifer started working with Kathy, she only took home $5 an hour in pay, and she had been working on her business for eight years by that point! Today, she is consistently hitting six-figures in her business and couldn’t be happier. In this week’s episode, Jennifer shares her journey and why it became so critical to start taking her business seriously.

Charge Your Worth with Jennifer Tamborski

Key takeaways:

  • Who is Jennifer and how did she get started in this career field?
  • Jennifer’s rates were way too low. She had been doing this for eight years and when Kathy told her to double her rates, she almost choked!
  • When Jennifer focused on her niche, she ended up being way happier!
  • How did Jennifer go from VA to a digital marketer?
  • Start where you are now and then be open to learning and growing further into your selected career path.
  • Jennifer’s mindset has also completely changed!
  • Are there certain clients in your roster where you just dread hearing from them? Time to end that relationship!
  • If you don’t love what you do, it’s time to move on!
  • How does Jennifer balance work and family?
  • Jennifer realized she was doing everything wrong in her business.
  • What does Jennifer’s team look like?
  • What does a digital marketing strategist do?
  • How has Jennifer helped Kathy over the years? She loves working with her!
  • If you can’t have fun, what’s the point in doing it?
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About Jennifer Tamborski

DTL 032 Jennifer Tamborski

Jennifer Tamborski is the CEO of Virtual Marketing Experts. As a digital marketing strategist and coach, she specializes in working with coaches to embrace their identity online through digital marketing helping them to grow their business to the next level.

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