DTL 039 Nancy Hand

Deeper Connections Are Just a Question Away with Nancy Tilton Hand

Nancy Tilton Hand’s career has revolved around empowering her clients to craft better personal connections and lasting professional alliances. Trained as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner early in life, Nancy went on to a successful career as a contract attorney, mediator, and dispute resolution specialist. Nancy has discovered that the key to life is meaningful friendships and strong professional alliances, but how do you get there? She dishes out her secrets and her interesting life story in this week’s episode!

Deeper Connections Are Just a Question Away with Nancy Tilton Hand

Key takeaways:

  • A little bit about Nancy and how she got started as an NLP Trainer and mindset coach.
  • Nancy had a traumatic accident with her horse and she woke up 7 days later in ICU.
  • Have a head injury? Nancy firmly believes in massages. It helped her recover greatly from her injury.
  • Nancy has had a lot of near-death experiences in her life.
  • Nancy decided she wanted to go to law school. Not an easy thing to do, especially after being out for so many of her classes during her brain injury.
  • Where do people go wrong when it comes to negotiating a contract?
  • What is Nancy’s book, Beyond Rainmaking, about?
  • How can you become a better negotiator not just in business and in life?
  • Examine your best relationships. What makes them good?
  • You don’t need a reason to call somebody or touch base with somebody.
  • What’s the difference between how introverts connect vs. extroverts?
  • Are you afraid to do something? Create a best-case scenario list.
  • Want to connect with Nancy and build better connections? Nancy shares who she loves to work with.
Friendship isn’t something that people are taught in general. Most kids never have the opportunity to go say hello. How do you break the ice? Click To Tweet True extroverts get into a flow state when they’re socializing. The shy achievers are fighting this flow state. Click To Tweet When you create a safe space, that shy achiever shuts off that self-talk, that’s when they feel safe enough to be themselves. Click To Tweet

About Nancy Tilton Hand

DTL 039 Nancy Hand

Nancy Tilton Hand is an author, trainer, and coach specializing in the fine art of communication. She helps high achievers build and rebuild strong, meaningful friendships and supportive social professional networks.

Nancy is the author of “Beyond Rainmaking” and “The Hands On Plan”

Her latest project, the “Friends on Hand” podcast, explores the fabric of friendship and what it takes to craft strong, genuine social connections in a world of digital disconnect.

Nancy lives in Memphis, TN with her husband and two terriers. She is a master sourdough baker, long time photographer, and avid dahlia grower.

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