DTL 059 Teri Gustafson

Dyslexia, Graphic Design, and Family with Teri Gustafson

Teri “Tag” Gustafson grew up in a small town in Minnesota. A country girl at heart, Teri moved from the city back to her hometown to care of her mom. However, during that time, she realized she could not stock shelves for 40 hours a week while also taking care of her mother. Teri decided to take the leap and start her own graphic design and video editing business. Find out a little bit more about Teri, also known as Tag, and the work she does in this week’s episode.

Dyslexia, Graphic Design, and Family with Teri Gustafson

Key takeaways:

  • A little bit about Tag and why she started her first business.
  • Tag has done a lot of mindset work and it really helped her appreciate herself a little more.
  • How did Tag find out she had dyslexia?
  • There are so many creative people who have dyslexia! Kathy’s husband is also dyslexic.
  • Tag has never been good at following the rules.
  • Kathy understands the challenges. That’s why she likes to offer different learning options in her program: Video, Audio, and Transcriptions.
  • Tag’s father disappeared suddenly. She still to this day doesn’t know what happened to him. It’s very difficult and traumatic for her family.
  • Although Tag was living in the city at the time her father disappeared, she knew she had to move back to her small town to be close to her mother.
  • Tag is the 2nd oldest out of her 4 sisters. She loves being close to family.
  • Tag was working a nine-to-five and it was very difficult to take care of mom and work a job at the same time.
  • After seeing Kathy’s virtual expert training, Tag knew that the nine-to-five lifestyle was simply just killing her body.
  • Tag knew she was completely capable, but she had cashed out her 401(k) in the past to pay for programs that didn’t work at all.
  • How did the nickname “Tag” come about?
  • How does Tag help her clients? What types of people does she love to work with?
  • Interested in working with Teri! She’d love to hear from you.
I was listening to your podcast and I said, yeah, somebody needs to hear what I have to say! Maybe they’re not quite there yet. Share on X I was working really hard and I was trying to balance mom’s medical stuff. I realized I can’t keep doing this. Share on X Stocking shelves for 40 hours a week, my body couldn’t take it. My back goes out in different spots. Share on X

About Teri Gustafson

DTL 059 Teri Gustafson

Teri Ann Gustafson (TAG) is familiar with change, as she has made numerous changes throughout her life. Her first leap was when she went to Technical College out of high school, where she started her first business. From there, she went to California and was a nanny. Shortly after her father disappeared in 2007, TAG returned home to assist with the day-to-day running of the family farm. Last year she decided another leap needed to be made and resolved to start her own business as a Virtual Assistant designing and maintaining websites, as well as creating graphics and video editing.

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