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eCommerce is the Future, Get Your Products Online with Eva Harster

Eva Harster is a Virtual Assistant that helps eCommerce entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Eva is a passionate shopper and understands what the consumer wants from retail. She helps businesses take their boutique stores online to get more reach. Find out more about Eva and how she helps businesses get their products online in this week’s episode!

eCommerce is the Future, Get Your Products Online with Eva Harster

Key takeaways:

  • Eva shares how she left the corporate world to start her own business.
  • When Eva found herself unexpectedly fired, she had to figure out really quickly what was next for her.
  • Eva has had several pivots in her life. She really got her start in real estate, but when 2008 happened, she found herself needing a job.
  • Eva knew she had to make something work for her, but she was her own worst enemy for six months.
  • Eva sees so many boutique shops that have so much to offer, but they’re not online! Then, COVID-19 hit, and Eva’s business skyrocketed from there.
  • Seventy-four percent of small businesses don’t have a website with a “buy” button.
  • Introducing e-commerce to small, medium businesses is the way to go.
  • Why are ads so good and show you exactly what you’re looking for?
  • Predictions say that by 2024, worldwide retail ecommerce sales will hit 6.4 trillion.
  • How does Eva help her clients? Eva helps small businesses promote their business online by having their own website, online store, and social media presence.
  • Retailers don’t realize the sales that they’re missing out on by not having an online store.
  • People love the comfort of shopping online and receiving their orders at their doorsteps.
  • Kathy loves the idea of never stepping into a store again.
  • An online store doesn’t have to be expensive!
  • Eva didn’t know what WordPress was until a couple of years ago. Everyone has to start somewhere.
  • Eva doesn’t just help you with your online store, she also helps you market your products too so that you can focus more on attracting more customers!
  • Because of COVID-19, her husband lost his job. That’s when Eva really had to get creative and go all-in with her business.
  • Eva’s cat makes a quick appearance!
  • When was the last time you took a look at the maintenance of your computer and made sure everything was up-to-date?
  • You got into business because you are an expert in A, B, and C. Unfortunately as a business owner, you have to focus on ABCDEFG and it pulls you away from your expertise.
  • Eva helps you take more things off of your plate!
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About Eva Harster

DTL 052 Eva Harster

Eva Harster is our very own Certified Virtual Expert Diva. She is currently a Coach and Breakthrough Specialist for my (Kathy’s) Virtual Expert Training Program.

Since she was young, Eva had her sights set on being president in a corporate office, on the top floor with windows and a view of the city.

With a thankful heart, she was led down a different path and is now president of her own virtual services business – – More Time to Profit, LLC. She now enjoys a tree-lined, park-like view of her rural home in Missouri and happily shares her office with her cat.

Eva went from “what’s WordPress?” to building a virtual business developing and maintaining WordPress websites. Because of her passion for shopping – she focuses on helping small businesses, boutiques and retailers take their business to the next level with eCommerce.

Quote: “How cool is it to commute across the hall in your jammies to go to work!”

Quote: “Get OUT of your way so you can get ON your way!”

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