DTL 019 | Kathryn Ely

Face the Fear and Do It Every Single Day with Kathryn Ely

Kathryn Ely is a former lawyer turned licensed counselor. After going through a career rut, Kathryn didn’t think it was possible to go back to school at 46 years old. And boy, she is glad she did. Through pursuing higher education, Kathryn discovered more things about herself, her mental roadblocks, and her limiting beliefs; things that had held her back for years. Today, she helps her clients shortcut the process so that they find out what their values are, unstick themselves, and live a life full of imperfect thriving.

Face the Fear and Do It Every Single Day with Kathryn Ely

Key takeaways:

  • How did Kathryn go from attorney to licensed counselor?
  • Kathryn didn’t think she could go back to school again at 46 years old!
  • Going back to school to study mental health was the greatest thing Kathryn could have done. She discovered stuff about her she didn’t know she had.
  • Why did Kathryn want to be an attorney since she was in 6th grade? What sparked that thought?
  • Kathryn’s biggest fear was speaking in front of people.
  • Let’s take a deeper look at anxiety and what it means.
  • Kathryn had 48 years of missed opportunity. Not anymore. It’s time to run towards the fear.
  • And yes, it’s not like Kathryn has conquered this either. It’s still hard to face her fears, but the important distinction is that you do it anyway.
  • Get in touch with what’s most important to you. Find your values.
  • What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself and the world around you?
  • What should you be looking for when trying to hire a coach?
  • Kathryn shares how her form of coaching is different from a life coach.
  • Through Kathryn’s perfectionistic tendencies, she was so self-limiting and controlling of herself and others.
  • How can people get started on their self-discovery journey?
  • We put ourselves in our own self-made cage. We put limits on ourselves.
  • Don’t think Kathryn can help you? Try her. Give her a call or shoot her an email.
It was one heck of a journey. It didn’t take long to get some positive reinforcements. It was the greatest thing I’ve ever done. Share on X First of all, anxiety is pointing you to things that are important to you. You don’t get nervous about things that don’t matter. Share on X

For me to feel good about who I am and for me to have self-esteem and self-value that is necessary in the world, I have to do hard things. Share on X

About Kathryn Ely

DTL 019 | Kathryn Ely

Kathryn is a former attorney turned licensed counselor and a recovering perfectionist. Through her Imperfect Thriving Podcast, coaching, and courses, Kathryn helps women let go of perfection and their limiting beliefs, discover what they want the next part of their lives to look like and the daily imperfect action that will get them there.

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