DTL 041 Kelly Harris

Going My Own Way as a VA with Kelly Harris

Kelly Harris has always had traditional work in her career, but after finding Kathy, her life changed. She is now able to take on remote work, work her own schedule, and everything that she is doing for her clients is very rewarding work! Kelly shares her story and what it’s been like to go her own way, and finally make that leap.

Going My Own Way as a VA with Kelly Harris

Key takeaways:

  • Kelly shares a little bit about herself and her background.
  • Kelly wanted to find another income because her husband had retired, and she still had a lot of work left in her!
  • Kelly is super lucky that she has a supportive husband that helped her through all of this “online stuff.”
  • What kind of work does Kelly like to do?
  • Prior to becoming a VA, Kelly was working at a church as an administrative assistant.
  • Kelly had a really hard time taking the leap out of salaried work to do her own thing.
  • Kelly ran the numbers with one of the people from Kathy’s group and she realized it would have only been a $100 difference. It was a no-brainer after that!
  • Kelly is so grateful for the types of clients she has been able to acquire. They are all so supportive.
  • Kelly feels so proud she’s able to do this.
  • What’s it like being part of Kathy’s community?
If you want to be a VA, you don’t have to stay going in one direction, you can go in as many directions you feel like going in. Share on X I was working almost seven days a week and I had to go down and do all of the little odd jobs, and then it became a really bad situation. Share on X I don’t think I would have done this without the help of Kathy’s groups. You need that network and you need those people behind you. Share on X

About Kelly Harris

DTL 041 Kelly Harris

Kelly Harris lives in Carthage, MO with her husband. She and her husband have 6 children between them and 10 grandchildren. Kelly has worked most of her life in some capacity and she felt that there must be something more to life. When she began looking into working from home to supplement her income, she found Kathy’s program. Kelly signed up in May of 2019 and working full-time, completed her training and became a Certified Virtual Expert® in January of 2020. Due to an extremely stressful situation in her current job, Kelly began working hard to build her business and find a way to work from home and leave that drama behind. She was able to leave her job in July of this year and now works full-time from home and is adding clients. She is building her business and dreams and she says she will never work outside her home again!

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