DTL 066 Marisha Horsman

Heal Your Relationship with Food with Marisha Horsman

Marisha Horsman is a Holistic Health Coach and helps women transform their relationship with food, nourish their light, and fulfill their radiant potential. Kathy is so glad she worked with Marisha because she had had a poor relationship with her body and food for over 60 years. Now, the very cookies and sweets that brought her comfort completely turn her off! Find out why Marisha is so good at what she does, and how she helps bring women back into harmony with their body, on this week’s episode!

Heal Your Relationship with Food with Marisha Horsman

Key takeaways:

  • A little bit about Marisha and how she got involved in this journey of properly nourishing her body.
  • Marisha was living the life she always dreamed of, but inside she was falling apart and it took a health scare for her to finally stop.
  • In the beginning, everywhere Marisha went, misery went with her.
  • What was supposed to be a two-week stay in an Indian ashram ended up turning into a four-year stay, but Marisha knew she needed this experience after experiencing years of eating issues and body shame.
  • Kathy shares what it’s like working with Marisha.
  • Our relationship with food reflects in every aspect of our life.
  • Kathy felt like such a loser. She couldn’t control her overeating and didn’t know why!
  • No matter what, your body is not a mistake.
  • Marisha remembers a time where she was completely hijacked by her emotions and she couldn’t figure out how to control it. Now she realizes her poor eating habits were the reason for it.
  • Marisha shares a story of how she witnessed a bank robbery.
  • Interested in what Marisha does? Marisha is hosting a group coaching program for women!
You can’t run away from your problems, you can’t run away from yourself. Share on X We all come to a point where we’ve suffered enough, and we’re willing now to face whatever it is; we’re going in there. Share on X Weight loss is a side effect of you coming back into harmony with your body, your food, your eating. It just happens. Share on X

About Marisha Horsman

DTL 066 Marisha Horsman

Marisha Horsman has been living holistically since 1998 when she had total health collapse brought about by a self-destructive relationship with her body. Recognising it as a crisis on all levels of her being, she dived into the realms of body, mind & spirit. This healing journey took her all over the world. Not only did she resolve her detrimental relationship with food and her body; her life and happiness wholly transformed. She is devoted to helping women heal their relationship with food, free themselves from the battle with their body, and journey the path of radiant nourishment.

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