DTL 055 Kevin Chemidlin

How to Grow a Podcast with Kevin Chemidlin

Kevin Chemidlin is a Podcaster and Podcast Coach. He is the host of Grow the Show, where he helps podcasters grow their podcast numbers. With over 100,000 downloads and $100,000 of revenue generated, Kevin is passionate about podcasting and helping others learn the ropes of this industry! Kevin shares a bit about his story and how to build a loyal podcast following in this week’s episode.

How to Grow a Podcast with Kevin Chemidlin

Key takeaways:

  • A little bit about Kevin and his background.
  • Kevin was raised to go for stability. He went into corporate because it was “the thing to do.”
  • How did Kevin get into podcasting and grow his podcast?
  • Kevin realized nothing was working in growing his podcast, so he decided to take a step back and study from the greats.
  • Make sure you have something that people want to pay you money for before you leave your job.
  • Entrepreneurship is so much more “in” than when Kathy first started.
  • How did COVID-19 impact Kevin and his business?
  • When you have a good mindset and perspective, you can tackle any challenge thrown at you.
  • What results are Kevin’s clients seeing from growing their podcast?
  • Kevin shares some tips on how to grow your podcast listenership.
  • Kevin recommends you unfollow or mute everyone on social media that you don’t have a positive reaction with.
  • Focus on growing your following for just 15 mins. a day. Kevin caps it at 60 mins. max, or else you’ll get distracted and waste your time.
  • How do you engage online in four different ways?
  • Go where your followers are and don’t promote, but participate.
  • Leave thoughtful comments on people’s posts. Don’t just comment “nice.”
  • Engage with your dream collaborators! Kevin shares how.
  • Remember, it’s all about starting a dialogue and not asking people for stuff.
  • Do you have time for this? Yes! How long do you spend on social media? Take 15 mins. of that and do it intentionally.
  • A confused mind says no. Make sure you have a focus on all your social media profiles.
You have to make yourself happy first before you can make everyone else happy. Share on X Social media is designed by people with multiple PhDs in psychology and human behavior where their whole job is to make you stay on that app. Share on X If you’re not asking people for stuff, your dream guests and celebrities will DM with you! Share on X

About Kevin Chemidlin

DTL 055 Kevin Chemidlin

Kevin Chemidlin is a podcaster and podcast coach. He launched his first podcast in 2018 as a side hobby, and a little over a year later he took that show past 100 thousand downloads and 100 thousand dollars monetized. Now, he helps other podcasters do the same thing, through “Grow The Show,” a podcast to help podcasters grow their podcasts… super meta!

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