DTL 062 Angelic Veasman

I Finally Found My Tribe with Angelic Veasman

Angelic Veasman is the Founder and CEO of Lady PowerHouse Solutions, a project and event support firm that helps women in business get organized and prioritized. Angelic was in the corporate hamster wheel for a while, but she’d had enough. The pandemic forced her to reevaluate certain things in her life and take a full leap in her business, and she’s so glad she made the jump! Find out more in this week’s episode!

I Finally Found My Tribe with Angelic Veasman

Key takeaways:

  • Angelic has been working since she was 16 years old and has had a wide range of career experiences since then!
  • She is super passionate about what she does and is always excited to learn something new!
  • Angelic was on a corporate hamster wheel and she’d had enough! She joined Kathy’s group and wow, it was great to have such a fresh perspective!
  • After attending Kathy’s event, Angelic was in tears because she finally found her tribe.
  • Kathy got fired at the end of 2019 and she was faced with a decision. Get a job or dive into her own business! And then, her husband lost his job too.
  • Kathy and her family moved to Florida for a job, but it didn’t work out two weeks later. They were in a tough spot and their finances were drained.
  • With so many changes happening in Angelic’s life, what has she learned the most from it all?
  • COVID-19 and these latest transitions have really opened everyone’s eyes to a new way of working.
  • What types of people does Angelic work with and how does she help her clients?
  • Angelic has strategic intensive offerings which help business owners understand what they really need in their business; not what they think they need.
  • For a lot of Angelic’s clients, they often don’t know what they need, they just know they’re overwhelmed.
  • Kathy recommends Angelic! She has a very creative outlook and out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to how she approaches problems!
Kathy was super honest and authentic about it. This isn’t going to be super easy. There’s a financial investment. These are the criteria. Kathy wasn’t saying it was a get rich quick scheme. Share on X I was crying. It was basically I found my tribe. I had found this community of women that weren’t cliquey. They were supportive. Share on X What really matters isn’t what we do, it isn’t what we make, it isn’t what we have, it is who we are. Share on X

About Angelic Veasman

DTL 062 Angelic Veasman

Angelic Veasman started working when she was 16. She’s worked in restaurants, a big city PR Firm, web design, human resources, quality control, major fundraising, and opened and closed her own retail brick and mortar. No matter the industry, she’s been creating solid infrastructure for businesses since 1991. Then she decided, “No more working for others, making everyone else awesome. It’s time for me and what I am called to do.” It was time for a bigger leap. She’s created a business allowing her the power and freedom to choose who to serve and how. Lady Powerhouse Solutions supports women-powered initiatives who honor a calling and act with purpose to achieve their vision.

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