DTL 060 Mark Struczewski

Just Do The Work with Mark Struczewski

Mark Struczewski is known as Mister Productivity. He helps his clients reduce the overwhelm and dread in their lives so that not only are they more productive, but they are also able to enjoy more of life outside of work. In this week’s episode, Mark talks about how he was able to reduce his time down through building a conscious process in his business, and so much more! It all comes down to intentionality and doing the work!

Just Do The Work with Mark Struczewski

Key takeaways:

  • Kathy was on Mark’s show, but she almost didn’t go at all!
  • Why is Mark so passionate about what he does?
  • So many people have the golden handcuffs on, the job is too good for them to quit, but it sucks their soul.
  • Can you be both happy and wealthy? Mark says yes, but it takes a bit of intentionality to get you there.
  • Mark talks a little bit about social media and his feelings around it.
  • Mark is a huge wellness buff. His mother and grandmother have both been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and he’s trying to prevent that from happening to him.
  • What does Mark like to eat on a given day?
  • A lot of people simply aren’t taking good care of themselves. Don’t let busyness get in your way of good health!
  • Mark is so high-energy that he really can’t sit still to watch movies. He wants to be doing something productive.
  • How did Mark become known as Mister Productivity?
  • If you don’t know what your “thing” is, sometimes it takes a few tries to understand what you’re best at.
  • Mark believes most people on this planet are good people.
  • When it comes to the news, you have to be cautious about what types of sources are being referenced. No one talks about the source anymore.
  • How does Mark produce a show a day? Where does he find the time?
  • Don’t aim for perfection, just aim for serving your audience.
  • If you serve from the heart, you’re already halfway there!
  • Want to be more productive? You need to have a process.
  • Mark doesn’t make more people productive, he helps reduce overwhelm. There is life outside of work!!!
Most people are good people. I really truly believe that. Unfortunately, they just don’t get the press. Click To Tweet If you’re not happy now, you won’t be happy when. Click To Tweet Do you want to be happy or do you want to be wealthy? You can be both, but you need to choose happiness first. Click To Tweet

About Mark Struczewski

DTL 060 Mark Struczewski

Mark ‘Ski’ Struczewski (“Mister Productivity”) helps entrepreneurs deal with the overwhelm that disrupts their focus. In addition to being a productivity expert, Mark is the host of The Mark Struczewski Podcast and an online trainer. His strategies have guided entrepreneurs, CEOs/Executive Directors, business owners, and business corporate specialists to get back control of their time. You can find out more about connecting with Mark and his mission to create confident leaders at misterproductivity.com.

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