DTL 026 | Brooke Behar

Legal Services for Your Online Business with Brooke Behar

Brooke Behar is a Business Manager for Autumn Witt Boyd, a law firm that provides solutions for all stages of online businesses. Brooke shares a little bit about her online journey and how she got into this line of work. She also discusses how to create boundaries when you’re working at home. The law firm is the perfect place for someone who needs a quick checklist on what legal things are pending in the business. Find out more on this week’s episode!

Legal Services for Your Online Business with Brooke Behar

Key takeaways:

  • A little bit about Brooke and how she got started as a business manager.
  • Brooke shares a little bit about what it was like living overseas for some time.
  • Brooke realized she didn’t need as much stuff and was able to use fewer “things.”
  • What does Brooke miss about Hungary?
  • When Brooke came back to the States, it was a bit of a culture shock on how “easy” everything was here!
  • Brooke needed some more stipulation when she came back to the U.S.!
  • Brooke loves working with her hands and taught herself to reupholster furniture.
  • What’s the difference between full-time work and contracting work?
  • There are just too many distractions at the office!
  • How did Brooke create boundaries between work life and home life?
  • Vacations are so important. That’s why it’s important to track what you’re doing so that you can hand it off to your teammate.
  • It’s hard to not check work stuff while on vacation.
  • What services does Autumn Witt Boyd offer?
Sometimes I come into the office and I get half as much done because of distractions. Share on X Statistics show that people who work as VA or work from home, they get 3X more done than at the office. Share on X Autumn offers a sit-down hour-long strategy session and you just look at your business, and she asks if you have the right legal things in place. Share on X

About Brooke Behar

DTL 026 | Brooke Behar

Brooke has been the process and systems guru at the Law Office of Autumn Witt Boyd for 4 1/2 years. She began working as the first virtual team member about a year after Autumn began her own practice, which specializes in intellectual property for online businesses and course creators. Brooke and her family moved around the country and across the world before landing in Tennessee in 2006. Brooke loves to “systematize” everything both at work and at home and she enjoys the creative outlets of singing, cooking, baking, art, sewing, upholstery, knitting, traveling, and developing her handy(wo)man skills.

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