DTL 021 | LaRinda Roper

Living a Beautiful Entrepreneurial Life under God’s Grace with LaRinda Roper

LaRinda Roper is the CEO of her own Virtual Assistant company. When her husband passed away, she was lost and had to find her “next big thing.” It took her a full six months and the guidance of family to finally let go of her JOB. Today, she is able to enjoy a wide range of hobbies like crocheting, baking, and spending more time with her grandchildren than ever before! Learn about LaRinda and her Dare to Leap journey on this week’s episode!

Living a Beautiful Entrepreneurial Life under God’s Grace with LaRinda Roper

Key takeaways:

  • LaRinda started a company for the first time after her husband passed away.
  • What made LaRinda decide to let go of her job for good?
  • Whenever someone tells LaRinda she can’t do something, she is on a mission to prove them wrong.
  • Last year, LaRinda was wondering if she was truly on the right path. She got a message from God that yes, this was her path.
  • What lessons has LaRinda learned over the years?
  • How does LaRinda create work/life balance?
  • It’s hard to say no, but you have to have boundaries.
  • What does LaRinda do for clients?
  • LaRinda shares a couple of client case studies and how she helps her clients prosper.
  • LaRinda loves to bake! But right now one of her major hobbies is crocheting. Trust Kathy when she says she is amazing!
  • LaRinda also has a talented singing voice and has sung in church as well as at beauty pageants!
I wanted the freedom of having my own business so that I could help my family. Share on X God has always been there with me and I know I can follow his lead. He has not led me astray. Share on X Don’t doubt yourself, you have inner strength that you’re not even aware that you have. It’s going to rise up when you need it the most. Share on X

About LaRinda Roper

DTL 021 | LaRinda Roper

LaRinda started her journey as a Virtual Expert 2.5 years ago after her husband passed away. She helps her clients bring peace out of chaos by managing their projects, content, emails and calendars. LaRinda had worked in the corporate world for many years and worked in various positions in an office from Accounting to Purchasing. She enjoys spending time with her granddaughter and helping family.

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