DTL 050 Pat Taylor | Dare to Leap

Nobody can do everything with Pat Taylor

Pat Taylor is the Owner of Accomplish More Together and Taylor Virtual Group. She is a Certified Virtual Expert for business owners who want to accelerate their business growth. Prior to this, she worked in corporate America for 30 years but after quitting, she has been able to build her dream business by helping others have more time to focus on what they’re good at. In this week’s episode, Pat shares how she helps her clients, why she loves what she does, and so much more!

Nobody can do everything with Pat Taylor

Key takeaways:

  • A little bit about Pat and her expertise. She had to make the shift to her own business because her work hours were reduced and her husband had some health challenges.
  • Pat is so happy she’s working for herself now! She can take a break, go on vacation, and she and her husband have a much better quality of life together!
  • What did Pat do for 35 years at her company? And how does she take those skills into her new virtual business?
  • Pat shares her top five values that represent her and her business.
  • What was Pat’s lucky break in this business?
  • The great thing about working with Pat and her team is that she comes fully trained!
  • Pat shares her process and how she helps her clients in her business.
  • Pat is now a coach for Kathy’s team. What’s that experience been like?
  • How much is your time worth for your business?
  • Pat offers advice on how to get started as a VA!
  • Pat is the best boss she’s ever had!
  • When is it a good time to hire a VA?
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About Pat Taylor

DTL 050 Pat Taylor | Dare to Leap

Pat Taylor is an Operations Specialist and is on the verge of creating her new next chapter. She has never been happy to just stay put; she always is looking for the next way to grow. In 1980 she was hired as a part-time Christmas Seasonal checkout operator for a large Retailer. Well, she stayed on after Christmas and was working at the Corporate offices in several different positions in just over a decade. She worked with this company for 35 years. Not bad for a seasonal part time job, huh? 2015 was the next big growth spurt, she found Kathy Goughenour’s Expert VA Training.

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