DTL 027 | Darren Saul

Nothing is Too Big to Start with Darren Saul

Darren Saul is a Professional Photographer turned Social Media Strategist, Podcaster, and Podcast Coach. Social media is not something that’s “just nice to have” anymore and Darren shares how he helps small businesses build their brand authority online using podcasting and social media. Listen in as Darren shares some of his best growth tips and some of the common pitfalls people run into.

Nothing is Too Big to Start with Darren Saul

Key takeaways:

  • Who is Darren and what does he do?
  • The world is a changing place and Darren needed to find a way to stand out as a photographer.
  • Creativity is a muscle.
  • One way to really learn something is to teach it to someone else.
  • When you teach, you have to articulate your process and break it down into smaller steps so others can understand it too.
  • So many people want to start a podcast, but they don’t because they think it’s too much work.
  • What are some of the benefits of a podcast?
  • Darren shares that people tend to struggle around the 20ish episode mark. Consistency is key to keep going.
  • Not everyone goes to every social media channel. People have preferences, so pushing the same content in different places is okay!
  • A big roadblock for people is that they are afraid to put themselves out there.
  • When does it make sense to spend money on ads?
  • How do you “start small” on a big project like this?
  • Keep copies of everything that you do!
  • There’s no reason why you can’t outsource something if you feel like it’s taking too much of your time.
  • What are Darren’s thoughts on Pinterest?
  • What are some of the things that damage your brand?
  • The content you’re releasing — does it make sense for the “time” or the current climate?
  • More than 70% of people get their news from social media.
  • Getting started in social media? Darren has a checklist for you!
  • Want to start a podcast? Darren can help you!
I’ve learned so much about photography and refined my own skills through teaching. It allows you to articulate your process. Share on X Every time you put something on social media, only a very small percentage of your audience actually sees it, so if you don’t repurpose it, you’re just wasting that exposure. Share on X Collaboration is key here. That’s why podcasts are so fantastic because they allow you to collaborate and tap into other people’s audiences. Share on X

About Darren Saul

DTL 027 | Darren Saul

Darren is a photographer who started heavily utilizing Social Media and Podcasting to build his business and was so amazed with the results he never looked back! He is now a very active Social Media marketing practitioner and Podcaster who consults with organizations to help them get serious business results integrating Social Media and Podcasting into their marketing strategy.

Social Media is not a “nice to have” anymore – it’s a MUST have!

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