DTL 061 Jackie Barker

Optimize Your Website with Jackie Barker

Jackie Barker is the Owner and Founder of the Barefoot Design Collective, a web and graphic design firm. In this episode, you’ll learn a little bit about Jackie, how she got started, and how she’s different from other web development firms. Jackie provides an all-encompassing look at your website and makes sure it’s optimized and running to its full efficiency, and then some! Find out more in this week’s episode.

Optimize Your Website with Jackie Barker

Key takeaways:

  • Jackie shares a little bit about how she got started in graphic and web design.
  • How does Jackie provide a “website in a day”? She breaks down her service offering.
  • Jackie shares how she makes it super easy for clients to get the knowledge and skillsets that they need to have a professional website.
  • What does website maintenance look like with a pre-built WordPress template?
  • People might complain about WordPress, but it is a very solid platform to be on! They are constantly updating their platform.
  • Jackie shares how she saved her client $300 a month in maintenance fees! And, improved her site speed.
  • If your website is down or broken, how many customers would you lose? Not many people would reach out to tell you that your website contact form is broken.
  • What tips does Jackie have to help attract the attention of your ideal client on your website?
  • How knowledgeable is Jackie about SEO?
  • What is a meta description?
  • Jackie explains how easy it is to get started working with her. Bundle your website elements together and Jackie takes care of the rest!
  • Kathy is so glad she has people like Jackie. She can easily spend hours on a website, and not even understand what went wrong!
If you’re a small business owner, $10,000 for a website that is going to constantly need to be changed and updated, that’s a lot of money! Click To Tweet At least go out to your site once a week just to make sure everything is updated, security plugins and backups running, that’s what somebody that maintains your site should be doing. Click To Tweet It’s about having a call to action. It’s all about psychology and where the eyes go around the screen. Click To Tweet

About Jackie Barker

DTL 061 Jackie Barker

Jackie Barker and her team at Barefoot Design Collective are Design in a Day Specialists. They provide professional and custom branding, graphic, and website design services for small businesses looking for fast, affordable, and effortless marketing solutions, all served up with a smile.

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