DTL 068 Carrie Wulf

Organize Your Inbox, Calendar, and Life with Carrie Wulf

Carrie Wulf is a Virtual Expert for Business Coaches, Trainers, and Speakers. She helps manage their chaotic inbox, organize their calendar, and set systems in place so that her clients have a smooth-running business. In this week’s episode, Carrie shares her process, why SOPs are so important, and how she’s built her business to function when she’s out sick.

Organize Your Inbox, Calendar, and Life with Carrie Wulf

Key takeaways:

  • A little bit about Carrie and how she helps clients with managing their email.
  • Do you feel a bit weird about outsourcing your email and calendar to someone else? Kathy did, also.
  • When you work with someone for the first time, it does take some time to work with someone to get your system and process right.
  • Kathy found herself deleting her entire calendar, and Carrie was able to restore it back to normal!
  • Carrie has a training program out right now to help virtual assistants better manage their client’s email and calendars.
  • It’s so important to set inbox rules and filters so that clients can find what they need a lot easier.
  • What is an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and why is it important?
  • Carrie shares some of her services and what types of clients she likes to work for.
  • When Carrie understands how her clients work, she will add extra “time padding” for her clients so that they get certain tasks done on time.
  • The great thing about Carrie is that she has a team of people behind her and, if she is out sick, her team can step in without any disruption to the business.
  • Interested in getting to know Carrie and her team? Reach out and say hi!
I record the call and just let my client brain dump what each team member does and their needs, and from there I figure out what process we need to document for our SOPs. Click To Tweet It can be a process, but we get it figured out and we start writing the SOPs. Once clients see their workflows written out, they’re more on board. Click To Tweet Carrie knows me so well that she knows what I’ll be procrastinating on while she’s gone. She has other people on her team slacking me. Click To Tweet

About Carrie Wulf

DTL 068 Carrie Wulf

Carrie Wulf is a Virtual Expert®, Email Ninja, and owner of Wulfden Virtual Assistants. She has taken her love of order, organization, and systems and paired it with her life experience of being a military spouse for the past 20+ years and turned it into a thriving business.

Carrie loves working from her home office where she spends her days supporting her clients by running their systems and making sure that their business and projects stay on track. When she isn’t in the office, you can find her walking her dogs or cooking up something delicious in the kitchen.

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