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Own Your B.O.L.D. Factor with LaShawanda Moore

LaShawanda Moore, MBA, CPC, ELI-MP is the wife of RodRick Moore, Sr. and the mother of four elementary to high-school-aged children, retired engineer, former Fortune 500 Company and direct sales leader, certified professional Energy Leadership Coach, author, consultant, founder of Elevate Success™, LLC and franchise owner of Launch Trampoline Park Richmond, VA. LaShawanda is also the author of Recover and is an advocate for Owning Your B.O.L.D. Factor™, which she explains how you can do in this week’s episode!

Own Your B.O.L.D. Factor with LaShawanda Moore

Key takeaways:

  • LaShawanda talks about her book, Recover!
  • LaShawanda wrote every morning for 30 days, and her book sat there for a couple of years before she felt safe enough to publish it. It’s a very vulnerable piece of work.
  • How is LaShawanda’s book set up?
  • Everything that happens to us is to grow us into stronger people.
  • How do you turn the mess you went through into a message that serves other people?
  • For maximum effect, do the book’s exercises with somebody else.
  • At one point in LaShawanda’s life, she wanted to commit suicide.
  • LaShawanda received a message from God and it saved her life.
  • There is help out there. There is life out of the depression and hole you’re in.
  • How does LaShawanda help her clients?
  • When you’re trying to meet other people’s expectations in business, you almost lose yourself and what your needs are.
  • Why does LaShawanda get up every morning? What inspires her?
  • What is the B.O.L.D. Factor™?
  • By serving others and helping others, we serve ourselves and become more fulfilled.
  • LaShawanda had a very fulfilling career, but at the end of the day, it was not a right fit for her life.
  • Kathy shares why she felt so compelled to quit her nine-to-five job.
  • How can someone tap into their own inner potential?
  • Do you feel a bit beaten down or torn down?
  • LaShawanda finds her restoration and her joy through sitting down with her family and being present with them. Adults need more play in our life!
Your why is not about you, your why is about others. Your strengths are for others. When you’re about serving others, people follow you because they want to. Share on X One in four adults is suffering from mental illness and many of us don’t even know it. So I’m breaking the silence. Share on X I remember going through what I was going through, I wanted to get out of the pain quickly, but I couldn’t. Everything happens for a reason, everything happens to grow us. Share on X

About LaShawanda Moore

DTL 030 | LaShawanda Moore

LaShawanda Moore the Speaker, Business Strategist,Organizational Development Consultant, retired engineer of aFortune 500 Company and direct sales business coach is the founder ofElevate Success™, LLC and franchise owner of Launch Entertainment Park in Midlothian, VA. As a certified professional Energy Leadership Coach, she is skilled at taking what seems to be an insurmountable experience or chaotic situation and working with her clients to extract valuable results that impact the bottom line. She uses her authenticity and passion to help clients go from feeling insignificant and undervalued to respected and a recognized asset in their family, work and community. Owning Your B.O.L.D. Factor™ is just one of the many successful tools LaShawanda employs in coaching others to unlock their potential and breakthrough to their next level.

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