DTL 043 Autumn Witt Boyd

Protect Your Business, Hire a Lawyer with Autumn Witt Boyd

Autumn Witt Boyd graduated in the top 10% of her class from Vanderbilt University Law School before ultimately landing as a senior associate at the premier copyright litigation law firm. Autumn eventually left BigLaw behind to start the AWB Firm in 2015 so she could spend her days helping entrepreneurs build, protect, and scale their businesses the right way. Autumn drops some timeless law wisdom on this week’s episode!

Protect Your Business, Hire a Lawyer with Autumn Witt Boyd

Key takeaways:

  • How did Autumn get her start as a lawyer?
  • What made Autumn decide to start her own law firm?
  • Autumn really just wanted to start out small and as an independent lawyer, but she hit a ceiling with the amount of work she could do.
  • Autumn really wanted to build a company that was friendly towards women as they were raising children. The corporate lawyer environment is rough and “part-time job” means 40 hours a week. Minimum.
  • Be friends with your competitors! It’s actually an excellent network to be tapped into.
  • How does Autumn do a pretty traditional business all online?
  • What can a lawyer do for a business owner?
  • Autumn has some fantastic templates for online business owners that you can use! And! They regularly get updated.
  • Kathy made so many legal mistakes. Ouch! You save money by paying for a bit of legal counsel.
  • Why should you get a trademark? And when should you consider getting a trademark?
  • Don’t have a contract? Get yourself a contract! It protects both you and the client.
  • Don’t copy someone else’s privacy policy or terms and conditions.
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About Autumn Witt Boyd

DTL 043 Autumn Witt Boyd

Autumn Witt Boyd is an experienced intellectual property lawyer who helps high-achieving, ambitious entrepreneurs reach their big goals. The AWB Firm is the go-to for businesses selling online courses, digital downloads, and online tools for business. Autumn has helped Amy Porterfield, Being Boss, Melyssa Griffin, and many more grow and protect their online empires.

Autumn also hosts the Legal Road Map® podcast, which teaches business owners how to protect their rights and stay out of legal hot water. She lives in Chattanooga, TN with her husband, twin boys, and daughter.

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