DTL 033 Aleasha Bahr

Sales is Not a Dirty Word with Aleasha Bahr

Aleasha Bahr is a sales and marketing expert and teaches her clients how to sell in a way that’s authentic to them. Long gone are the days where you have to put clients in a chokehold and force them to buy. There’s a way better way you can sell that won’t make you feel grimy about it. In this episode, Aleasha shares how you can show up for your clients in a way that feels right to you and how you can empower your clients to make the best decision for them, which is to hire you! All of this and more on today’s show!

Sales is Not a Dirty Word with Aleasha Bahr

Key takeaways:

  • You don’t have to be a bad person to be good at sales!
  • Who is Aleasha and how did she get started?
  • Do you think sales is a dirty word?
  • Aleasha helps you break out of that mindset. You can learn how to sell in a way that feels good to you!
  • You can sell people with hope as well as pain. Pain motivation is the old-school way of selling!
  • Kathy has cried on sales calls because of “pain selling.”
  • More people buy when they feel good, not when they feel bad.
  • When you sell on hope, you bring joy into people’s lives.
  • So many people feel awkward selling on a pain motivation.
  • Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes life to someone else’s feature film.
  • The most successful people have such hot messes behind the scenes.
  • Most people want a solution. And you’re that person to give it to you.
  • We feel gross when there’s a money transaction happening and you had to “sell” someone on it to get it. It doesn’t feel authentic.
  • People don’t value things they don’t pay for. Don’t feel guilty!
  • How can you sell in an authentic way?
  • Improv classes are a great way to improve your sales skills! It helps you get out of your head.
  • What is authoritative empathy all about? Empathy is the most undervalued tool in sales.
  • Kathy has made mistakes in the past and she ended up feeling a lot of shame around that.
  • Diffuse the shame a client might have around a business mistake they’ve made. It’s completely okay to make mistakes, and that’s why they’re coming to you, to help them get it right this time!
  • Are you trying to use someone else’s sales process? That’s because it doesn’t fit your personality and your tonality.
  • What happens if you don’t get sales coaching? You’ll keep undercharging for your service and will have poor boundaries with people.
You’re selling all the time in your regular life and the only reason that you have an issue about it is there’s a transaction of money happening. Click To Tweet Everybody makes mistakes, let’s not focus on it. You want to infuse hope and confidence. More people buy when they feel good than bad. Click To Tweet Pain selling that’s popular these days is it makes people realize they’ve made the wrong choices up until this point. Click To Tweet

About Aleasha Bahr

DTL 033 Aleasha Bahr

Aleasha Bahr is a sales and marketing expert also known as The Client Whisperer.

She sold millions in revenue in the corporate world, but got tired of the BS and transitioned to running her own business coaching solopreneurs and sales professionals with her unique sales & marketing approach.

She firmly believes you don’t have to be a “bad person to be good at sales” and has the results to prove it.

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