DTL 031 | Heather Hubbard

Speak Out, Speak Up, and Take Down the Patriarchy with Heather Hubbard

Heather Hubbard is a recovering attorney who overworked herself to the bone. In over 10 years as an attorney, Heather never took a day off and it was killing her spirit. Today, she helps people find their authentic selves and consciously create a life that is authentic, fulfilling, and impactful to them. She is also incredibly against the patriarchy and shares how you can take control of your own narrative and fight for what’s right, too!

Speak Out, Speak Up, and Take Down the Patriarchy with Heather Hubbard

Key takeaways:

  • Heather is a recovering attorney! Why did she decide to switch careers and path her own way?
  • After Heather’s sister passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, Heather questioned everything.
  • Heather felt so guilty saying “no” and so she said yes to everything and realized she was burning herself out.
  • Take action, try things out, and then plan it out more strategically!
  • When Heather left her firm, she decided to send a LinkedIn message to all of her connections.
  • Heather didn’t know what she was doing, but she kept trekking along and making things happen!
  • People showed up and she figured it out. That was how she got started.
  • What gave Heather the courage to leave her job?
  • What is Heather afraid of?
  • Let’s talk about the patriarchy and how Heather is taking it down!
  • Why are things the way they are? Why? Heather would always ask and it drove people crazy!
  • How have the roles and dynamics changed over the years?
  • How can we empower ourselves and take down the patriarchy?
  • Lawyers sue people every day, but if you sue each other? That’s a huge no!
  • If you’re not okay with the systems, then how are we going to contribute?
  • Interested in joining Simple Courage? Heather shares if her platform is right for you!
  • Do you feel like you’re not authentic or true to yourself?
  • Everyone is courageous! It doesn’t have to be a “big act of courage.” You can do baby steps!
What I learned in college introduced me to scholars and movements and activists and this was what I had always been looking for but I was never exposed to it, and that’s when I learned about the patriarchy. Click To Tweet Are we going to truly take down the patriarchy in this lifetime? Probably not, but let’s sure pull as much as we can for future generations. Click To Tweet We can make a huge difference and I think it comes through being defiant, being courageous, even when it feels like it’s uncomfortable. Click To Tweet

About Heather Hubbard

DTL 031 | Heather Hubbard

Heather Hubbard is the Founder of Simple Courage, a storytelling media company, movement, and community. Her mission? Take down the patriarchy through one small but defiant act of courage each day. Prior to starting her own company, she was a prominent and award-winning attorney and manager at one of the largest law firms in the US. She’s been featured in Forbes, NBC, Business Insider, and more.

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