DTL 029 | Erica Graham

Take The Leap It Won’t Kill You with Erica Graham

Erica Graham is a Professional Virtual Design Assistant and virtually works with interior designers and K&B remodel companies. Erica shares a little bit about her expertise and how she got into this field. She also shares why you should dare to leap into being self-employed!

Take The Leap It Won’t Kill You with Erica Graham

Key takeaways:

  • Erica shares a little bit about how she got started as a professional virtual design assistant.
  • At first, Erica didn’t know what a virtual assistant was.
  • Erica is glad she joined the military, but it was a serious “growing up” experience.
  • Erica shares a bit about her experiences as a military veteran.
  • What does Erica do as a virtual designer?
  • Erica has seen an uptick in business because of how many people want to remodel their homes.
  • Kathy shares a horror story where someone didn’t measure correctly and their entire materials did not fit into the new living space.
  • Erica explains how you measure your spaces accurately.
  • Erica is able to work with anyone within the United States.
  • Where does Erica find her clients?
  • A lot of people who started this journey did it because they were miserable at their job.
  • Take the leap. You’ll be happy that you did.
  • You have the skills! Don’t let your job beat you down or discourage you!
A lot of us who started this journey were miserable at our jobs. I happened to lose mine, but I had one foot out the door because I knew there was something more out there for me. I took the leap. Click To Tweet I want to encourage the listeners to not be afraid. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Click To Tweet It’s not going to kill us to take that leap. Click To Tweet

About Erica Graham

DTL 029 | Erica Graham

Erica Graham is the Lead Virtual Design Assistant and owner/operator of Erica Graham Consulting. She started her entrepreneur journey in January 2019, graduating from the prestigious Expert VA Training and becoming a Certified Virtual Expert in July 2020. She is a kitchen and bath remodel expert offering kitchen and bath cabinet design, administrative services such as email management, material sourcing and procurement, invoicing and concept board creation to her Interior Design and Remodeler clients. Creating beautiful spaces is her jam and loves to support the industry in that manner. She lives in Mesa, Arizona with her husband, William of 27 years.

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