DTL 025 | Joe Burns

The Emotional Side of Money with Joe Burns

Joe Burns is a Speaker, Coach, and Founder of NextGen Millionaires, a platform to help people get their mindset right with money and to earn what you deserve. Joe doesn’t help his clients create budgets or do their accounting. He helps them manage their emotional side of money and to change the way they feel about money. Find out more on this week’s episode!

The Emotional Side of Money with Joe Burns

Key takeaways:

  • Kathy almost lost it all because of her poor money mindset. Joe was able to keep her on track and even save her marriage because of it!
  • Joe told Kathy that she could get out of debt within six months. She didn’t believe him.
  • Money is just only one of the things that you hide from.
  • Tax time was a very stressful time for Kathy because she had to show her husband where she was financially in the business.
  • How did Joe get started with money?
  • Joe lost half his income and his wife suffered from mental health problems after she got held up at gunpoint two times. It was difficult.
  • Making more money doesn’t always solve your problems.
  • Most of us have “just enough” to survive and that’s it. There’s a lot of trauma attached to money.
  • The more we talk about the uncomfortable, the more we get comfortable.
  • When it comes to salary, we have to talk.
  • There’s a lot of shame around money that we have to overcome. Whether we have too much of it or too little of it!
  • How should you talk to your spouse or even family members about money?
  • Let’s talk about the flow of money.
  • People have a lot of money. The only difference is that the spending habits have changed when the pandemic hit.
  • So many businesses have made more money last year than ever before. Industries have exploded.
  • Why didn’t the stock market crash?
  • You have a choice to choose to see opportunities or to stay in the same spot.
  • Why do we do what we do? What influences us in taking these actions?
  • You can make your dreams happen, but it first starts with your relationship with money.
If we’re going to hide from money; if we’re going to hide from these other people, who else are we hiding from? It’s usually ourselves. Click To Tweet We don’t understand that a lot of the money stuff, there is a lot of trauma attached to it. Click To Tweet If we look for the opportunities in situations like COVID-19 and other things, then we will find opportunities for us to grow and expand. Click To Tweet

About Joe Burns

DTL 025 | Joe Burns

Meet Joe Burns. Speaker, Coach, Money Master and Founder of NextGen Millionaires™. He talks to money. The best part? It talks back — and it has a lot to say. It’s time to listen to what your money is telling you because you’re only one story away from success.

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