DTL 023 | David Shriner-Cahn

The Feelings of Shame After an Unexpected Job Loss with David Shriner-Cahn

David Shriner-Cahn is an Entrepreneur and Podcaster that helps high-achieving professionals build their own consulting or coaching business after a career job loss. David has been in the same boat where, after being let go from his job, wasn’t sure what to do next or where to even get started. He ran into a bunch of “beginner” problems like trying to navigate the complex world of marketing and sales, and figuring out what his pricing model was. This was a lot to take on for a recently unemployed person! Today, David shares his resources on how to make the leap and get started in your own practice.

The Feelings of Shame After an Unexpected Job Loss with David Shriner-Cahn


Key takeaways:

  • David shares his story and how he started his entrepreneurial journey.
  • What challenges did David experience for the first time when he transitioned from employee to consultant?
  • David was clueless about pricing and how to even invoice clients!
  • Looking to go solo? David shares his top tips on what you need to know!
  • To hire a coach might cost you a lot of money, but what you get in return is 10X!
  • How do you know when you have the right coach?
  • Don’t be afraid to ask people for help!
  • How do you get over the “they’re too expensive” piece? David shares an example of how hiring an expert can save you so much money.
  • What are the downsides of a mentor or someone who is willing to help you “for free”?
  • How can you best navigate the conversation of paying for someone’s time who is willing to help you?
  • Self-improvement is a critical piece for entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurship is a trial-and-error process. You keep adjusting your plan slowly over time.
  • Unless you’re doing something that’s making you uncomfortable, you’re not growing.
  • David reached a couple of plateaus in his career. He shares a couple of examples of pitfalls to avoid.
  • It’s way more important to say no to things than to say yes to things.
  • Who does David like to work with?
  • It’s so rewarding to know you’ve helped somebody, especially a small business.
  • If you’re scared to achieve your dreams, reach out to David! He’ll talk to you.
  • David shares how he had to get over the trauma of being fired. How can you get through those feelings of “not being good enough”?
  • It’s completely normal to have a strong emotional reaction to being fired.
  • Sometimes taking up a hobby (no matter how small it is) can help your brain get the refresh you need.
  • It’s really hard to put yourself out there and start “over again” when your confidence is so low. So, work on that to the best of your ability first.
  • Kathy highly recommends David’s podcast!
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About David Shriner-Cahn

DTL 023 | David Shriner-Cahn

After 28 years as a highly skilled employee, David Shriner-Cahn was told that his job was over. In spite of the immediate trauma and fear, he knew that as his next step, he’d rather work for himself and have more control over his destiny. That was in 2006.

Today, David is a thriving entrepreneur, podcaster and speaker. He is guiding highly skilled professionals who are recovering from a late career job loss and who yearn to impact the world with their knowledge and creativity by becoming successful entrepreneurs.

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