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The Five Steps to Tap Into Our Divine Guidance with Sarah Sparks

Sarah Sparks is the Founder of Create the Spark. Sarah is a midwest woman and a former government employee. Before embarking on her journey into entrepreneurship, she was ashamed about her spiritual gifts. However, after having an awakening, Sarah dived headfirst into connecting with the spirit and helping people heal their soul. Find out more about Sarah’s unique gifts in this week’s episode!

The Five Steps to Tap Into Our Divine Guidance with Sarah Sparks

Hey everybody, it’s Kathy. We’re here with the Dare To Leap podcast and I am super excited to have a very special guest with us today. Her name is Sarah Sparks. Don’t you just immediately like her, just from that name sparks? She is the Soul’s Guide To Freedom and founder of Create The Spark. I wanted to steal that the moment I heard it, because it really resonates with me. And I’m guessing it’s going to resonate with all of you listeners. Also, Sarah is a Midwest farm-raised college-educated former government employee. I find that really interesting with all those other things. So, we’re going to get into some of this, turned business owner who is no longer ashamed of her spiritual woo-ness.

And we’re going to talk a lot about that. Sarah now allow spirit to speak through her. Now we’ll tell you that just before we started this, she said spirits are really speaking to her a lot today. So, I think we’re going to have a really exciting interview. Sarah guides, mentors and coaches, highly intelligent, organized, funny, fabulous professionals who might feel lost or tired or worn out. And she helps them have the confidence and trust in themselves to ask for what they want and say what they need all with love. Boy, that really resonates with me. I have felt all of those things. Sarah, thank you for being here today.

Thank you so much for asking me. I loved getting to know you and our conversation a few weeks ago. And when you asked, I was like, yes, please.

So, Sarah, start back when you were still a government employee or even before that and tell us your story of how you came to where you are today. When did the spirits begin talking to you or when did you begin noticing it and how did you get from, you know, that believe me, I understand Midwest values. I live in the Midwest. I’m recording this in Missouri right now. Take us away.

I knew that I’ve always had a gift and I knew since I was about three, that I had a gift to connect. I grew up Catholic. That’s what my parents still are. They go to church a few times a week. Now, they still attend online and stuff. And they’re very much active. I was involved with the Catholic church, until I wasn’t, but I was a Eucharistic minister. I always felt like I had some sort of connection to God. And it wasn’t just based on religion or faith. It was like I could be on the swing set when I was like three or four. I was like one of the first memories and I was swinging and I was just having a conversation. It has always been this two-way conversation. There were times that in my life that I didn’t have faith and I didn’t believe in God. And I turned off what I call divine guidance. Spirit has asked me to refer to, when we are in communication, just to call it divine guidance for anybody, for all different religions.

I’m not just supposed to work with Catholics or with even people who believe in religion. It’s everybody. So whatever faith background, if you believe in spirit universe, God, love, energy, Buddha. I don’t care. I mean, it doesn’t matter to me if there’s some sort of connection and people want to know how to listen to that divine guidance and make their lives easy, effortless, enjoyable. Like it feels like a lot of people that I work with and myself, I felt like there was a lot of weight on our shoulders. Like we have the world on our shoulders. I mean, you need to make all these decisions and there’s a way to not do that. And it’s listening to divine guidance. So, I have felt like I’ve always done it, but there was this time from like about 18 to 22.

I got married at 23, right out of college. We bought our first home at 25. We owned cars, farmland, had the job, the house, the husband, the body, the friends, the family, all the things. And yet I, myself, felt lost, tired, worn out, pulled in many different directions. I would come home from work to an empty house. My ex-husband was a workaholic. So, I was a single married woman. And I feel like that’s a worst place to be. I mean, I know that there’s lots of worst places, cause I’m not going to go into it today. That’s a whole other story for another time, but I planned my own death and I, that didn’t happen. And so, I’ve been to other yucky spots, but I feel like when you’re married, or in a committed relationship with your partner, that you want to be with them and celebrating together and have a respectful, loving union. And you’re thinking of each other as equal partners. Not one above, one below, one gone ,one here, all the things, but you’re working together in unison and believing that you’re one and you’re having great conversations and all the things. At least that’s what I always envisioned and that’s not what was happening. So, I was lonely and also super horny. I don’t know if this is the right crowd to say that.

Oh, feel free. There’s nothing off limits here.

I was. And then that really doesn’t have much to do with it. But that’s where I was. I was so lonely and it was just like, somebody please hold me. I just want to be loved.

And so many women feel that way, Sarah. Most women I know, do not share that. Cause I know I’ve been there and I was embarrassed, So, I didn’t share it.

No one knew the pain I was experiencing because from the outside looking in, that’s why I shared, like I had the house, the husband, the body, the friends, yeah. He got it out to me and be like, because I was so young, I was 25 and owning a home and a combined income. We were well over 250,000 a year. And because my ex-husband was a workaholic. I mean, there was so many different jobs. Trust me, the local government job wasn’t bringing in the hundred K’s.

And, I just felt like if I were to truly step into who I was and show people who I really was, that they wouldn’t like me and accept me. I would be seen as weird. I would be the crazy lady that talks to spirits, but every so often, my way of getting that creative energy out was to write little notes to people. And I remember being part of CEW, which was Christian Experience Weekend, and I was a speaker. And then there was a women’s retreat and a men’s retreat and the men’s retreat. Those who were part of the weekend and like knew the back end, cause it’s all kind of like secret of how things played out. It was if you were participating in it and you were just a guest and you didn’t know all the backend of what was going on, you would be practicing, trusting, and in the flow of trusting others of what’s going on.

And so those in the background of things, I was part of that. And we got to write notes to these 50 men that were part of it. And I was up there and I was writing basically the same message for all of them. Cause I didn’t know them. I just had their name. And there was this one person that I was like, I just had, and this was before I knew that I could channel or that like I had all these gifts and I’ve developed them over the course of 11 years. But I was writing and was like, this person lost his daughter. I need to write something like this. God, what do you want me to write? And I wrote this message. And honestly, I can’t remember now, but I just remember being at the closing ceremony for this weekend.

I felt like if I were to truly step into who I was, and show people who I really was, that they wouldn’t like me or accept me. Click To Tweet

And I was sitting in the church, listening to the men share their testimonials and this man stands up and he’s holding my note. And he’s like, I don’t know who wrote this, but no one here knew I lost my daughter and she died in a car accident. And whoever wrote this has healed me and it wasn’t me. It’s like, it’s never me. That spirit is speaking through. And Oh, I actually should clarify for those who are wondering, like it’s not just a bunch of spirits or there’s not like entities and I don’t connect to negativity or the devil or whatever. Cause people ask me that all the time. I don’t know you should channel for me. And I’m like, look at me. Do you really think I’m letting that crap in? No thank you.

I’m going to have to send you a pair of devil horns.

I set my intention, a part of listening to divine guidance. The first step is allow. And before I ever even allow an open up, I set the intention to only connect to love and light to God’s spirit, creator, universe, whatever you want to say. So, when it’s not ever me, that is like sending that note to somebody it’s literally like this message has come to me and I’m just the deliverer.

Wow. That was a great story. So, I love when you said that the man that said, whoever wrote this healed me and you immediately said it wasn’t me. That healed him. It was the spirit speaking through me.

Yeah. The world’s purpose has changed over the last couple of weeks. And it is now from this as what has spirit has shared with me is that it’s now to heal souls up to a couple of weeks ago. It was to guide souls along their journey in this life here. And spirit, it’s like, no, the world needs to be healed. And there’s a lot of inherited emotions that are coming up to the surface that are passed from generations to generations, to generations. And I love this because my sister and I were talking about how many of the women in our family have gone through depression. My grandfather killed himself because of depression. They’ve had nervous breakdowns, they’ve been on medicine. My niece who is in her early twenties has also experienced these emotions, as well. And her doctor was like, well, it’s passed down in the bloodstream.

And so, I love that it’s like scientific and also comes from an energy spiritual level, that’s true. It does pass down from generation to generation, but it is also the individuals themselves that are needing the healing at a soul level. And so, it is through spirit, through God, through the universe that that is happening. So, that’s also what I mean by when I say it’s not just me, it’s not like another person. And that’s what I think there’s something that could be taken away from our conversation. And I know I could go in depth and we can have lots of conversations about this, but for those who are listening and if you could take away something is don’t always rely on other people to heal you, it’s you and your connection to your own divine guidance, to your inner wisdom. That is healing.

Wow. That’s huge. Okay. So, my obvious next question is how do we do that? Because, my guess is that you’re going to tell me that we all have this ability or you wouldn’t have just said that we all have this ability. But how do we tap into that? And it’s probably like more than one step, but could you give us like just one or two things to begin that process or resources?

Yeah. So, there’s actually five steps and I don’t give them all, they’re all, I’ll give them all. So, if you want to write them down, I don’t know if this is possible, but I also have like a free guide that people can get.

Oh yeah, please share two or something. Yeah. Mention it, how people can get it. And then we’ll also include a link in the show notes.

Okay. So, how to listen to your divine guidance spirit gave me this. I went to a goal setting workshop with a client and they usually don’t interact with clients while they still are my clients. But I was led to do this and I’m so thankful I did. I was being very judgmental because the leaders of like 300 people that day were like, just go talk to Jesus, go get your goals by Jesus and I knew what the leader was sharing. And I was like, okay, I’ll just go talk to spirit. Cool. And I like setting goals that way, because then I know I’m in alignment with my soul and where I’m going and the rest of my table, just all sat there. And I was like, hmmm.

Okay. So that would have been me.

It was a Christian workshop. And, they were like, we can talk to Jesus. What are you talking about here? Like this communication. And so, I looked at the other 10 people at my table and they were all like doing the thing. And so we got up, we all got to disperse, go throughout the church. And I went outside and on the front stoop of the church and I was by myself and I had my iPad with me. And so I was just typing and I felt a lot of judgment. Usually I feel when I’m like judging somebody is when the Spirit’s going to come in and be like, yo woman start listening, stop being so judgmental. And so in calm spirit. And I’m like, okay, why am I being so judgmental? What is going on?

Why can’t people listen to their divine guidance and spirit was like they’re too wrapped up in the how. And I was like, well just share with me. And I’ll share with them on how to listen to divine guidance. And spirit was like, there’s five steps and I’ll give them to you. First number one, allow, ask, receive trust and act. And many times people ask me, if I ask shouldn’t I allow, so why has allowed the first and allow, can be taken in two different contexts. Allow, like you’re letting go of control and those expectations. And literally, I feel like I close my eyes. I breathe, I connect. I have a whole e-course on this.

So, I I’m trying to summarize because it can be extensive. And then I also add it in to how to listen to divine, how to live your chosen path program. And so it’s really at the core of everything I do. But when I allow, I first literally view myself. If I’ve got gates or walls up, I lift those up. I open those Gates and I just sit there and be like, you know why? I don’t know. I’m just going to allow you to lead, like who am I to connect with? And I start, and then that’s all I ask, who am I to connect with? What conversations am I to have? How do you see my day going? And when people ask me, well, you sometimes tell me to let spirit lead. Well, what do you mean by that? That’s the allowed part. It’s not me trying to force things to happen. It is me taking a step back and allowing spirit to lead. And the act can be just like the opposite of control. You’re just trying not to control or overthink things.

So yeah, it makes a lot of sense you trust in act. So those are the five steps. That’s how you listen to divine guidance somewhere along the way. If you want to ask yourself, where do I stop myself in these five steps, if you aren’t listening. And if you’re having a hard time, and you have your own process. Cool. Awesome. But if you’re not, and you’re jammed up somewhere, where do you stop yourself along these five steps? Some people don’t know where, like, what questions to ask or can I ask questions or where do I start with that? And honestly, when I am like, I don’t know how to move forward from here. I’m feeling a little stuck, spirit. What questions am I supposed to ask, ask these three questions. I’m like, Oh, got it. And then the receive, knowing how you receive. I’ve had clients who are naturalists.

I don’t even know if that’s the right word, but I had a client who was out in nature and she takes people on nature tours. So, she was like a natural resource person and for like a park in Florida. And she says, Sarah, I don’t hear like you, cause I’m audible. Like it’s literally experienced like sitting right next to me. And so, I said well, we don’t all receive the same way. What’s going on in your world? And she’s says well, I go for these walks in the morning and I do this chanting for the four directions. And I’m honoring the earth and all of a sudden these like weird animals that are not supposed to be on my path, start showing up like an Eagle or a raccoon, things that like, and she’s just like, and they just sit there and they just watch me.

And I’m like, if you’re receiving me, like the animals are talking to you and other people I’ve had clients who feel a slight tickle on their face. And then they’re like, Oh, Spirit’s near. Okay. Or they get goosebumps as a yes. I teach people to simplify things. When you’re asking questions, I invite you all to go on an intuitive walk is what I say. And it’s nice out. And that’s what I did. I stayed curious to, okay, I have this gift. I don’t really know how to use it. What’s going on? And I started with something like yes or no questions. So, do I go straight? Yes or no? Do I take a left? Yes or no? Do I take a right? Yes or no. And so I just went on this walk and I just let spirit guide me.

There were no expectations. There were no restrictions or anything like that. I wasn’t, like I jumped straight from government employee hiding myself to like channeling openly for 20, 30, a hundred people, you know?

So, let’s take a step back. Let’s take a step back to how that happened, because first of all, thank you for sharing that. That’s some amazing takeaways that people can really benefit from. And again, we will have the links to anything you want us to share on in our show notes, but let’s take a step back too. So, you’re in this marriage where you’re really unhappy. You’re not fulfilled, you’re worn out. You’re all those things that you’re now helping women overcome. And you’re in this number one in an unhappy marriage, number two in a job. Now, what was going on in the job?

What changed first? And what was the thing? The tipping point that made you go, all right, this has to change and I’m going to do X.

I asked my ex-husband and my best friend, and I went for a run and a half marathon out in Des Moines. And it was in May 2009 and we were running and the whole 12 miles, it was a 20K. So like 12.1 miles. I complained the entire time about my job, about how this government employee wanted to borrow a crockpot. And I didn’t think that that was, I mean, like I lost my shit over a crockpot.

Well, they shouldn’t be, they’re probably like, I know that my chosen path wasn’t to sit in a three hour meeting about pigeon poop, that’s affecting the downtown area. I also can not watch parks and rec. I was a parks and rec director. I can’t watch it. It’s like, it’s too real. All the like micro shit that goes on. I just can’t do it. And I was like job to like answer to a park board to see if I could answer to a council because I was getting my Master’s in Public Administration. And I wanted to be an HR director or a city administrator. And I was like, well, I’m going to have to answer to a city council. I could not do that at all.

So, with all of those frustrations going on, it was like, that’s how you are like on the verge and you are ready to be living your chosen path. I just did a masterclass yesterday and my women up spiritual community on Facebook about how do you know if you’re ready to be living your chosen path? And that was one of the things it’s like, you’re at the point, you’re just like, all these things are pissing me off something. You feel totally out of alignment. I’m totally whacked out. And what is wrong with me? I am so tired of having these swirling thoughts of what is my purpose? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why am I here? And you’re just like, okay, I gotta do something. Something has to give.

And what came was when that friend asked me to go on vacation. She’s like, let’s bring our husbands. Let’s go far away. I think you just need a break from the job and all the things. So, we asked our husband’s and neither wanted to go. It was going to be July down in Florida, yada yada it’s hot, blah, blah, blah. But an airline was offering like $30 flights. Cause at the time that’s what was, even now, I guess they have those cause it’s cold. But anyway, so we got a sweet deal and I was like, let’s do this. And our husbands were like, no. And mine was like, I got to work. I can’t take off.

And so, I got used to that reasoning and honestly, I didn’t even think of him as a workaholic. I don’t like labeling people, but after I walked away, I was like, that’s what’s going on? And that’s usually not actually what’s going on. There’s other avoidances, we don’t need to get into that. And I’m so sorry. I’m gonna keep talking.

No, you’re awesome. I am enthralled if you can’t tell, I’m loving it.

So, we’re at the airport. He says, you know, he has to work. We make plans, to go down to St. Pete, everything was lining up. And so, we go to St. Pete beach on this vacation, I’m at the airport and I thought, I’ll give him a call and let them know, Hey, I love you. I’ll see you in like five days. I hope you have a great fourth and mind you, it was over the 4th of July weekend. And so, he basically had to take off like Friday or something on Monday, one day thing.

It wasn’t like crazy. This was all the thoughts going through my head. I was like, whatever, it’s his thing. So I’m at the airport on that Friday. I call him, we’re leaving mid-morning. And I hear, when I’m talking to him, he was an electrician for a school district in Iowa. And so he worked in the schools and so I knew he would like be inside. So I was like, what the heck is that noise? So I sent him, I was like, what’s going on? Are you walking in between buildings? And he’s like, no, I took off work to go to a farm sale with my brother. And that was the moment. You asked what was the moment? And I was like, I’m done. I’m done being a single married person. I’m done being last on your list.

Don’t just rely on other people to heal you. It’s you and your connection to your divine guidance, to your wisdom, that is healing. Click To Tweet

I want to be loved. And all that I wanted was to be held, respected, listened to, loved. All I really wanted to do was lay in a hammock under the stars and just chill with somebody that was holding me doing that. And so that was my decision. And I got off the phone and I was loving and I didn’t start it. Because to this day, I hate confrontation. I’m hardly ever like stand up for what I believe in. I’m like, that seems confrontational. I don’t think so. I’ll just let you have your own views. I just was like, have a great weekend. And I didn’t say, I love you. I was just like, Hey, have a great weekend. I’ll see you when you get back or see you when I get back.

I hung up the phone and I looked out the window and was watching people, starting to board the plane and I’m like, I’m done. That was my moment. And everybody has those split-second decisions. But it wasn’t just that like. I know it was like a thousand other things that came out at that point.

But that moment is always so interesting. And that’s part of why I do Dare To Leap. What is that moment? What led up to it? And then what was that tipping point? And I hear ya. I mean, this is exactly the type of stuff that ever that happens to everyone is something like that.

And I feel that moment was when I also was like, it’s time to listen to my divine guidance, I had turned it off. So, I should also say this, cause this is all part of it as well. At 18, I felt really overwhelmed and people feel this way. I feel in their thirties as well, like the twenties, people are given a break. Oh, go do your thing, have fun. You’re only in your 20’s, go live it up. Like not, no like pressure, unless you’re in the Midwest. And then like 23, you’re like, you gotta get married. So that was my experience. I don’t have anybody else.

Yeah, absolutely.

And then the pressure and like have no sex before marriage, especially if you are in a religious family and it’s like, well, I guess I’m going to hell.

So, at 18. I felt really overwhelmed. A lot of people wondered, where are you going to college? What are you studying? What are you going to do with your life? All the questions. Do you have a boyfriend? Is he going to college? All these inappropriate questions that’s really none of your business at all. But I guess I had to answer these, I guess I got to figure my life out. And I had no idea. And one night I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t know. I could talk with God again. I thought like I had to pray, like if I was dying of cancer or if I was like off to war, I didn’t realize that just an 18-year-old could have this conversation. Although I felt like I had this like relationship that was different.

I wasn’t taught that. And so I was just like, Ugh. So I’m going to talk about how this conversation with you. Hey, how’s it going, God. So, if you could possibly give me a dream or an answer or something to this, I don’t really know what to do with my life. So, it just kind of tell me that’d be great. I said that was like my prayer. And that’s really how I talk with the spirit now. I say, Hey, how’s it going yet? I don’t know what I’m doing. So, can you possibly, that’s just be yourself, you know, and sort of like I got you. So I had this dream that night right before I was going to wake up and I had the same dream once a week for an entire year until I actually met my next husband.

And the dream was me walking along beach water to my right sun. That sun was setting to the right. Kind of like a bluish teal, kind of like your shirt, like water, seagulls flying over salty air, like moisture on my skin. The sand was one like white and shells and not like the granual sand or black sand. I mean, it was like this. And so in my mind when I went, Oh, and like 12 feet in front of me was a man just about six feet, tall, broad shoulders, dark hair, tan neck. And I remember specifically in the dream feeling like, Oh, this is home. This is right where I’m supposed to be. Ooh, is that delicious, man? He’s taller than me. Short men love me, but that’s what I want. Yes. I was feeling this way in the dream.

And then I woke up and I was like, Oh, dang. I woke up. Can I possibly go back to sleep and have this dream again? And I did. I had it over and over. And I looked for this man and this feeling of being home and welcomed for an entire 10 years. Even after I married my ex-husband, I would be walking with him in Vegas, holding his hand. And every man that walked past, I mean, not on a beach. Like walking through hallways, walking down streets, driving, everything was like, is that the guy? So, on the vacation after I made the decision in the airport, a couple days later, it’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Sunday, we went parasailing and Friday night we were told, go to Mulligan’s that’s the place to hang out.

And I was like, don’t do that. I took a cab there. I don’t really feel like paying for that. Can we like walk somewhere? And then Saturday we went to the concierge and asked where should we go tonight? Where are the fun places to be. And they’re like, you should go to Mulligan’s, that’s the place to be. I’m like, what the hell is up with this Mulligans place? And I say, no, I’m not paying a cab to take us there. Like there we are on the strip here. Like, let’s hang out at one of these 800 bars. And, I don’t know if there’s 800, but you get this. And so, then Sunday we go parasailing and the boat and the captain is sponsored by Mulligans. And I was like, what in the world is up with Mulligans?

Like, why? Like, is it supposed to be something funny in my life that’s going to happen? Like what? Okay. So when things happen in threes, I’m like, got it. Okay. Yeah. I’m paying attention. And then, so I say, okay, Erin. And she’s like, we should probably go because it’s been told to us three times and I was like, I know like what the heck’s up with it. So we go have dinner, we get ready. After the parasailing adventure, and we go to Mulligan’s, we pay the cab ride $8. I was like, mother of joy, like this better, this place better be like the jam of all jam. And it’s not like, it’s like almost cleared out. It’s a Sunday evening. It’s halfway closing.

The band has left. I was like, no, there’s like one other table that’s sitting there. And it’s a chick from Iowa. That’s talking about RAGBRAI. I was like, Oh, well, that’s great. I’m glad we’re diversifying here. And then there was another group of very drunk individuals who the girl came over and started doing a lap dance on my face. And I was like, I’m really uncomfortable. Cause I’m not a party girl. And in a party in college, I’m shocker with, since I’m talking to spirit and all, but I just was like, I don’t really know what to do with this. And so this guy comes over and he’s like, I’m so sorry. Like we’ve been drinking all day. It’s her boyfriend’s birthday. I’m so sorry. And he turns to my friend and was like, can I buy you a drink?

And I was like, score, Erin is getting hit on. And she says yeah, I guess you can buy me a drink. You know? And so, he sits down, his friend Ronnie sits down and I was like, okay. And the gentlemen who offered the drink had escorted the lady out. Then he says, would you like me to give you a rape free drive back to your hotels? So you don’t have to like pay for a cab? And I say, yes! I was like, he feels safe, which I’m sure every man trying to pick up a woman really wants to be like, Oh, he feels safe.

Probably not. It’s more like, yeah, girl, no, that’s not what I thought. I was like, he’s safe. He’s not going to rape me. It’s good. I know how to break his nose if this happens. So it’s all good. The things I think. And I was like, man, I’m saving the $8. That’s good to fast forward. He drops us off. I asked him to drop us off at the Wigwam. So, we’re standing there at the bar and all of a sudden I have this overwhelming feeling. I’m like, wow, this feels like home. This feels like I’ve known him for a really long time. That’s really weird. And he’s like, do you want me to just walk back to your hotel? And we can start walking? And I was like, ah, I don’t really know you. I don’t know if we want to like walk back together. So, you know where I’m staying, but we can walk on the beach. That’s fine. So I take my drink. We were walking on the beach water to my right sun setting beach, seagull, blah, blah, blah. I dropped my cup and I’m like, Oh no, the environment. So, I reach and I pick up the cup and he already was continuing walking on these 12 feet in front of me, six feet, tall, dark hair. So that’s Craig Sparks.

Wow. Holy crap. This is the guy from the dream. Like this is happening. Oh my God. But it happens like when you Dare To Leap, like immediately that decision.

And I had so much judgment around people who cheat, who are in a marriage and find somebody else. I mean, all the things that I had judgment on spirits, we’re going to teach you a lesson. And I got the lesson. And it took me quite a while to let go of that guilt, all the things and all the shame of finding somebody.

But before you were officially divorced, how could you, I know you did it. It’s the way life works sometimes.

And I find that, it’s the same as if you were to find a job and you’re still in a job or you decide to like leap into your business and you’ve been doing this side hustle for awhile, and then you now need to quit your job. And you’re like, Holy crap, I’m going to leap.

So, how did you leave your job? When did that happen?

So, I met Craig, July 5th, 2009. And we visited back and forth cause he lived in Florida. I lived up in Iowa. We visited once a month back and forth for nine months. I wanted to finish my masters. I like to finish things that I start. That’s still my thing, even though I knew that that wasn’t going to be my jam. I just felt like I was going to start my own business, but I was like, I’ll just make some necklaces and sell them on the beach. I mean, I’m okay with that. No, that’s not what I’m doing.

And that is so interesting because honestly, Sarah, I mean, that’s kind of what I did when I first left my job too. And a lot of women do that where I’m like, I’ll make soap and sell it on eBay and I’m not crafty at all.

I don’t know why I said I still haven’t made a necklace, but I was like, we’ll make it work. We’re going to do this thing. I moved out in August and all the things and then visited back and forth. And so it was May 1st, 2010 that I quit my job April 15th. I finished my Masters beginning of May. And after I finished my Masters, my last class, I already had the U-Haul packed up and my car and away I went. What was so interesting was when I was going through the divorce and I moved out. It felt like the most natural thing to do. Like I was like, I mean, I cried. Like I, Oh sure. I cried a lot. And it was on the floor and wanting to vomit like, Oh, my God, this is happening.

But when I actually moved into my apartment, I was like, this feels like the most natural thing that I’ve ever done. Like this feels like what’s supposed to be. I feel like that is also a sign that it’s the right leap. And, I had my own separate savings account at $48,000 in there. I had my job, we had two sets of towels, two pots and two to two sets of pots and pans, two sets of silverware. I had silverware that I never opened from our wedding. And I just took that. And I just left. I mean, he was all set. I was all set. We were good. I mean, I’m sure I completely hurt him.

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And, that’s really, really hard. And I told him when I wanted to have a divorce where it was respectful and loving that I’m like, I love you as a human being. I want you to thrive and I want you to do what you want to do with your life. I am not part of that. I feel like if I stay another 20 years and I ride in a freaking tractor, while you’re farming, I’m going to resent you and I’m going to end up hating you right now. I do not hate you. And I love you as a human being and I want you to thrive. Right? And so that’s why I’m leaving because I now love myself enough to say, I need this. And I feel like that could be translated into a relationship, into a job, into starting your own business. You get to that point when you want to leave.

I love myself now. And I didn’t know to what extent or all the bumps. I mean, just because I’m with this soulmate agreement, husband doesn’t mean our marriage has been fantastic. I mean, there was times that I packed up my bag and I was like, this is not happening because you get like, when you leave the first time, you’re like, I’m not tolerating this, this is now what I want a woman, a love. And I command respect, and I give it to you and I want it back in return. And tt’s all part of leaping.

So that’s really interesting what you said. I’ve found the same thing that once I leaped the first time that I was like, what was I waiting for?  Yes, it was difficult, but, Oh my gosh, I feel so much better. And then the next time something came up, I’m like, boom, I’m going again.

You know, and I’m thinking, you’re saying the same thing. My mind just kind of opened to what was I scared of all this time? What was holding me back? I can do whatever I want. Did you have any of that feeling?

Yeah, for sure. And I mean, I had it retold to me, I feel like, what is scary for us? And I also gave that presentation just recently, I’m doing a three day master class in my spiritual community that I lead. And uncovering all of that, actually this weekend, it’s the belief. There’s a limiting belief. And spirit has given me a question that gets to our core of what is going on. There are many different modalities that get to all different beliefs and all the things. So, let’s just ask them this question. And however they answer, that’s their limiting belief. I ask it, we get through it in 15 minutes and mine is, I want to feel completely accepted. And I realized that feeling completely accepted by my own father was what I really wanted.

I sought that out in male relationships, but it’s also me accepting myself and accepting myself in all of my faults, which is where now I’m no longer ashamed. There are things that you just have to leap into. And that was one of them. My spiritualness, because that’s really who I am. And I have the honor of seeing my own soul during the meditation, which then also solidifies. And that’s what I do. I connect the gift that I have is connecting to another soul. I had the gift of mediumship where connecting to those who had passed and your loved ones, and then sending you messages and sometimes loved ones who stick around and have not gone to the light yet, or come back. There’s some unfinished business. So, they’re kind of sassy at times.

Not all but some. So, the people that I was working with, the clients that I had at the time that my oldest was born, she could feel them. And so she would be like screaming and like, they would messing with her. And I was like, spirit. This is not happening. I need you to change my gift. I still want to be helping people. I still want to be channeling for people, but I don’t want to go through something. And all the other emotions that they’re feeling, I need to connect directly to the individual that I’m working with and I want to connect to their soul. And so, it took a year of reconfiguring, kind of like a whole new electrical circuit and all the findings. And that wasn’t really all that great. But I did it.

So, you leaped again! I love it!

Yup. And again, when I decided to channel for people publicly, and I do that for free on, I just do it so people can get a flavor for me. Get a little taste. On Thursdays, on my spiritual art, my spirit on my personal Facebook page on Sponsor Sparks. So Thursday. So at 7:00 PM Eastern people can pop on. And if they just say me please, that gives me permission to connect to their soul and I deliver messages. Then leaping again into teaching people how to live their chosen path, creating group programs. Cause I was always working with one-on-one. So, once you leave once, you’re just like, let’s do this. It gets my adrenaline up now. Because I’ve seen the ripple effect of when I leave, I’m now giving other people permission to leave as well.

And I get the cycle. I have a good friend business coach who has the analogy of taking off of like seeing planes take off. And that’s the leaping is when you are actually taking off with some people get to the runway, they realized the plane wasn’t completely full or they freak out or something’s happening. So they have to turn back around and go through the whole cycle again, parked the plane, you know, I get it. And that’s the scary part. But at some point the passengers need to be taken off and go to the destination. So, you just have to take off and you just have to leap. And that’s where it is. Like you just have to definitely know.

So, tell us a little bit more about what you do. You shared a little bit, but if you could summarize here, we’re coming to the end, what you do. Tell us more about your business and who you help and how people can get in touch with you.

Yeah. So I thank you for this opportunity, by the way, to just to share this. My whole intention is for the next seven months, is to have 100 people living their chosen path. And so, living your chosen path, if people are wondering what the heck is a chosen path or anything like that before you were human, there was energy and it was a soul and the energy formed into a soul. The soul was either chosen to come here, or it chose to come here. So there was two ways.

And then once the soul was in alignment with your body and mind, then now you’re a one complete being of mind, body, soul. If you believe in that, if you don’t, that’s cool too. I’m not here to convert anybody’s beliefs it’s you either get it or you don’t. And so, that’s your chosen path. And a lot of people spend their entire life wondering why am I here? What is my purpose? They read a lot of books. They take a lot of quizzes to try to figure out their personality types and where they fit in. And all the things spirit has given me this amazing ability to connect to your soul and just say, why are you here? And you have to ask two questions. Whomever I channel for it is one. If you want to know your chosen path and two, are you willing to walk it once you do know it.

And if you say yes to both of them, it’s your verbal agreement to the divine to, Hey, I am going to live this chosen path and it’s not my judgment, whether you do it or not. And it’s between you and spirit. I guide you along into your chosen path. I channel people’s chosen paths within 15 minutes. Detail, overarching theme, some more details around it because it’s spirit. It’s usually very broad. Other times though, I shouldn’t say that I’ve channeled them. It’s like you’re to be a training design development, you know, cook coordinator for X, Y company. You can get that specific gaming. It gets very broad in general, like mine is speaking to the masses, the guided message on pure love.

I received that while driving over the Howard Franklin bridge, going from St. Pete to Tampa in October of 2011. And I heard it like plain as day. And I was like, Oh, speak to the masses. Like a lot of people, no? I hadn’t started my business yet. And then the guided message, I was like, what in the world is guided? You need to tell me that something is going to be guiding me. That doesn’t feel right. And then the pure love, I was like, I don’t think that exists. Like based on my experience, I don’t think particular love exists. So I had to work into that. And what I’ve learned from channeling people’s paths is that you are your chosen path. So all of the things that you have experienced in your life, all the struggles, the beauty, all the glory, everything, skin color, your eye color, accents, if you have one or not, hair color, personality, the way you move, the way you connect with others, you were specifically designed for that.

Like, think about how much you are loved, too. And so well thought of to be chosen or to come here during a particular space and time to do a particular thing. And I’m less like mind blown. And so with that, then spirit after channeling and all the fun things. And once you know, your chosen path, most people ask me, well, how do I live at then? Spirit gave me, and I’ve actually been living it and teaching it to others. It was the Create The Spark program, but now spirit has added a few other things to help live their chosen path. And really it’s all about listening to your divine guidance and loving on yourself and leaping. Just what you are talking about. I’m doing a whole presentation on that. Most people feel like they’re lost.  They are looking for clarity. I call them clarity blocks because they have this spinning thought of the need for more information and in order to make a decision.

They are never clear on what’s going on, they’re feeling lost, and justice, more than likely. That’s more along the limiting beliefs of you’re not accepted. You’re not loved. You’re not safe. It’s not my responsibility or it’s my responsibility to take care of everyone else before I actually live what I want to be doing. And then some people believe that there’s no time and space for them to actually be living what they want to be doing. And when we believe that there is no time and space to be doing that, I always like to remind people, but we do have time. We actually, you are actually doing what is important to you and what you actually want or what you feel like you have to be doing.

So, there is always time. It’s just that shift of how I am worthy. I am enough. I am accepted. I can be doing this. And then there’s a group program that I lead all about living your chosen path. And then of course, there’s the option to work with me one-on-one. Lots of good options.

Okay. So, to learn more about you, what’s a URL that they can go to, to start learning more about you.

And all of you can learn more about me. I have a welcome video on there. I’m on the very homepage, there’s testimonials on there. I think I named it client love. There’s a contact page and I’ll respond anywhere between 24 and 48 hours, depending on how the day is going. And then the new group program. I accept new clients in the beginning of each month because that’s the cycle and you can start at week one and some people are on 12 and week, whatever I just guide, based on what spirit is sharing with me on the messages. And we’ve got Q&A’s and you get lifetime access to the whole program. You pay once, but you get lifetime access. So that’s awesome.

Yeah. So, Sarah, I tell ya. I knew I liked you a lot the first time we met. I like you even more now. And one of the big reasons is because you’re like me and the people I like to hang out with who share everything. You are an open book, and I love that. And that I think it’s because you love yourself and you’re not ashamed of anything here. Here’s me. Here’s all of me. I’m happy to share with you. Thank you for being that open and vulnerable. It really helps women.

And I realized this through even my own struggle and frustration, just like two years ago, people always would ask me business coaches. I don’t know how many thousands of dollars I spent on this freaking question was like, why are you in business? You’d have to know your why. And I’m like, because spirit told me to when people came to me and I don’t know your big, why I’m like until I had my own experience.

I realized, I just want people to feel like they’re not alone in whatever they’re going through. Like, that’s why I’m so open as I’m sure you can relate to some aspect of that story. And I want them to feel like they’re not alone. I don’t want you to feel like you’re alone. There’s support and there’s someone else out there that is going through or feeling the things that you’re feeling, and you don’t have to do it alone. Cause I felt like I had to, because I was that educated, Strong-willed, I’m an independent woman. I don’t need anybody or anything. And I realized that I really did. Like, that’s really what I wanted was to be held. And when you put up walls and push people away, they’re not going to be held.

Thank you so much for sharing all of that. I just have one more question for you. Is there anything that I didn’t think to ask you that you would like to share with people listening?

That you are so loved and so appreciated and so valued and don’t let anyone or anything ever tell you different.

Oh, I love that so much. And I could tell you paused just a minute to listen.

I channel with my eyes closed. And then when spirit speaks through me, I get all teary eyed.

I felt that passion. Thank you so much. What a wonderful message to end on. I really appreciate you taking this time with me, Sarah.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I’m very, very grateful.

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Sarah Sparks is The Soul’s Guide to Freedom and Founder of Create the Spark, LLC. Sarah is a mid-west, farm-raised, college-educated, former local government employee, turned business owner, who is no longer ashamed of her spiritual woo-woo-ness and now allows Spirit to speak through her. Sarah guides, mentors, and coaches highly intelligent, organized, funny, fabulous professionals who feel lost, tired, and worn out to have the confidence and trust in themselves, to ask for what they want, and say what they need to say… with Love!

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