DTL 057 Brenda Swann

Thinking About and Building Your Legacy with Brenda Swann

Brenda Swann comes from the non-profit sector and loves what she does. She helps business owners with over $1M in revenue set up a giving back component in their business. In this week’s episode, Brenda shares a little bit about her background, her expertise, her big vision, and why she loves doing this kind of work.

Thinking About and Building Your Legacy with Brenda Swann


Key takeaways:

  • A little bit about Brenda and her nonprofit work.
  • Did you know St. Augustine, Florida is the nation’s oldest city?
  • What made Brenda want to switch careers? She was seeking something new and was a little burned out by the inefficiency.
  • Kathy made the same mistake Brenda did. In her first year, she recreated her job and didn’t have balance. She realized this line of work is not really what she wanted to do.
  • Brenda had to dig deep and find out what her big “why” was.
  • Brenda wants to build a community that has a positive impact on the world.
  • How is Brenda’s business structured?
  • If you’re looking for a non-profit to give back to, Brenda is your person! She will connect you with a non-profit that you’re passionate about so that you can give back!
  • For example, if you want to give a scholarship away, how do you find the right person to receive it?
  • Who are Brenda’s ideal clients?
  • What are some of the benefits of giving back?
  • What kind of legacy would you like to leave?
  • Brenda shares a bit about her grant writing work.
My big ‘why,’ what I want to provide to the world, is community. I want to build a community that works to have a positive impact in the world. Click To Tweet The benefits aren’t just the ‘feel good,’ which really is the best benefit, but clients appreciate it. Click To Tweet My grant services clients get 36% ROI. Click To Tweet

About Brenda Swann

DTL 057 Brenda Swann

Brenda has dedicated over 15 years to the nonprofit sector and has worked in both large and small organizations, holding frontline, senior management and Board positions. After seeing a need for her experience and knowledge in the wider nonprofit sector, especially in 2020, she decided to leave her job and start Growing Your Good Work. Her business helps nonprofits grow through strategic planning and goal setting, operational assessment, grant writing and administration, and successful project management. She is passionate about helping many sectors and organizations grow their good work!

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