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Tips to Navigate Remote Work and Look Your Very Best with Michelle McGlade

Michelle McGlade is a Podcast Host, Author, Speaker, and business consultant that’s passionate about helping leaders grow. She shares her top tips on how to present yourself in the very best light when you are getting interviewed or even in a virtual meeting. Please, please don’t show up to a video meeting in bed with matted hair! Michelle offers some very simple and easy tips for you to look your very best even when everything around your house is falling apart!

Tips to Navigate Remote Work and Look Your Very Best with Michelle McGlade

Hey lady. Well, I don’t know if you can already tell that I am here with one of my close friends today, Michelle McGlade and Michelle, you just made me remember something when you just made me laugh, is that you were at the very first time I ever had a professional photographer work with me and I was so scared. I was so scared.

And in fact, I had professional makeup done also, and I went and looked in the mirror and screamed because I thought it looked like a clown and came back out and Michelle goes, no, no, this is what you’re supposed to look like when you’re going to get a professional photograph done. And I said, I’m so nervous. I’m gonna shut it. I was, I’ll go with you and I’ll make you laugh. And you guys, I will actually include one of the pictures that came out of this photo shoot, because it was awesome.

She had me laughing. It was the most fun photo shoot I have ever done. So, Michelle, thank you.

Yeah. Thank you. I remember that. And those photos are fabulous. They look like you.

Yeah. That’s cause you really made me laugh, you know, and just smiling. But when I really belly laugh, Oh, that’s my favorite. And you always make me do that.

You know, I don’t want to hijack your show here, but I’ll tell you that. I really do understand that fear. If you, if I were to dig out and show you all of my photographs, you know how they take one every year, kindergarten, first, second, third grade. I literally I’m going like this. I know you’re listening and you can’t see what I just did, but just picture the worst face ever on a chubby girl, it was so awkward. And I would dread, I would dread photo day at school and then you’d have to wait to get the pictures back.

Oh yeah, yeah. You know what, so this is going to be on YouTube and audio. So if you’re listening to audio, you might want to go look at it on YouTube. But if you can’t, I just want you to picture, you know, that game where they put that really odd contraption in your mouth so that you cannot actually form words correctly. That’s what she looked like. She looked like she had one of those things in her mouth.

It was just your face. That was hilarious. And today Michelle looks particularly, hippy-like, which is awesome because she normally looks like the most incredibly professionally polished business woman. And basically, I always looked like I looked today, no makeup with a Tiara and no matter what, Michelle is always gorgeous, both inside and out. So, one more anecdote.

I won’t promise one more. There may be more, but just to prove how gorgeous Michelle is. The first time I met her, we got to know each other. I literally thought she was a model. I’d looked at her website and I asked her, are those really pictures of you? Or is that a model? And she’s like, Oh no, it’s really me. And then when I met her, I was like, Oh my God, she is that gorgeous. So I asked her, I said, are your toes really ugly or something? Are they deformed? Cause you can’t be this perfect. What did you do, Michelle?

I showed you my toes. And I’m nice too. Right.

She is beautiful on the inside and out. So I’ll tell you, who’s lucky is everyone who gets to know you and yeah. So, if you’re listening right now, which I know you are, you wouldn’t even know what I’m saying. You’re going to love getting to know Michelle. So, Michelle, I wanna do the formal introduction so people can get to know you not only through my eyes, but also your business side. So if you don’t mind, I’m going to take just a minute to share your bio. Here we go.

Award winning woman in business and bestselling author. That’s who Michelle McGlade is. She began podcasting in 2015. For The Love of uncovering the story behind the story. I absolutely love that this modern leaders may even believe success is an inside out game. And leadership of self is the key to building teams and unlocking the next level growth in business and life.

And Michelle, I know you really walk your talk because that is exactly how you live your life. Michelle is also the CEO of Evolutionize Media, a podcast network and consultancy bringing life voices of modern leaders and innovative organizations by aligning strategy development, launch planning, and production for new and rebranded podcasts. And to be totally transparent, she is the person Evolutionize Media and Michelle McGlade is my producer.

I’m on her podcast network. She has consulted with me. And I am succeeding as a podcaster all. Thanks to Michelle McGlade in fact, I wouldn’t even be podcasting if not for you, Michelle. She’s also the host of her own show and it’s the best name ever: She’s Talking Back. And she features women in the C suite and topics on leadership. I highly, highly, highly recommend her podcast. Michelle’s work has been featured by Microsoft Thrive, Global Minneapolis, Saint Paul Magazine, and many more places. And she slayed this stage at organizations, such as Autodesk, E women Network and Deluxe Financial Services.

Now, Michelle, thank you so much for being on here. That only being my producer, my consultant, my everything, when it comes to podcasts, but also my guest.

Yeah. I’m thrilled. Thrilled to be here. I’m already having fun, which I knew this was going to be boatloads of fun.

There’s no way not to have fun when the two of us are together. Right. We have roomed together. We have shared Ubers together.

So, Michelle, I’m gonna get you talking a little bit more here. I know that you have had so many experiences from corporate to running your own businesses and I don’t even know everything else in between. I would love for you to tell us a little bit about your journey.

Oh, that’s interesting. And how long do you have? When I think about even some of the essence behind Dare To Leap, I think that describes actually perfectly my career journey. I really, really do because I’ve taken some really big leaps and I’m going to be the first person to tell you that it’s not always easy and it’s rough and it’s bumpy, but it’s very, very, very rewarding. I started my career in finance, actually out of college. And I spent, you know, a handful of years working in finance, only to be courted by the sales leadership that I was working with to go into a business development role.

Dare to leap describes perfectly my career journey. I’ve taken some really big leaps and I’m going to be the first person to tell you that it’s not always easy. It’s rough, it’s bumpy, but it’s very, very rewarding. Click To Tweet

So, Dare To Leap number one, right? A finance geek, someone who’s pulling all-nighters to close the books for companies moving across the country and figuring out how to sell stuff. Yeah, I would say that was kind of daring. Kathy’s trying to not laugh her way through the whole thing. So that was quite an adventure.

And I spent then I think the next 10ish years or so building a corporate career, I took some leaps in there as well. Taking opportunities that maybe seemed a little bit scary. One big example was I was out in Colorado at the time working for another organization and ended up moving all the way over to the East coast and working in a Business Development role out there. And if you can, all you can see me. I’m definitely a fair skin Midwest girl at heart, and I did okay on the West side. But those gents over on the East coast, they ate me alive for a while, until I toughened up a bit. It was very different doing business on the East coast. I can tell you that.

And very nice people. I don’t want to paint it that way, but I mean, definitely rough and tumble. Definitely a little bit tougher, a little bit more in your face, a little bit more pushy, all the kinds of things I hadn’t experienced yet. And so that was a really big leap for me. And actually it was a really big challenge. I struggled in that role in the sense that I just didn’t feel like I could fit in. And I say that for other people who may be experiencing that as well, but I just couldn’t find my niche there, you know, with those people.

And we’ll have to be back on another time for the guy who didn’t wear pants. Anyways, I’m telling you, they toughened me up. Those people that’s happened.

And that wasn’t a guy who didn’t wear pants on zoom. That was a guy who didn’t wear pants in real life.

He’s be in Boxers when I’d get there. And I was just like, dude,

Oh gosh. Oh my gosh, I’m sorry!

Anyways. I mean, I’ve walked in the tunnels of Yale under Yale – rats and everything. Anyhow. So I was growing my career and I don’t, you know, it’s hard because as you have more years after that, you reflect back differently. But I remember that I wasn’t moving in my career as fast as I wanted. I’m totally a high performer and I was looking for something more and I was agitated and I was actually overworked and I felt underpaid. I know you can relate as a listener. And I just decided like I am one of those people who kind of makes that decision and then moves. And so, this would be another big Dare To Leap, which is, I decided I was going to leave corporate altogether to start my own business.

What business did you start first?

Yeah, I’ve built three enterprises. So, my very first business was, it would be kind of like the typical entrepreneur story in the sense of most of us go, Oh, I’m going to start a business. What am I passionate about? You know, what really lights me up. And I have a long journey in the alternative healthcare wellness field. So, it made total sense that I was going to own and operate my own alternative healthcare clinic and ended up doing that and doing that very, very well.

But here’s the moment of caution for you listening, who wants to take one of those big leaps? I started the wrong business, after 10 years moving around the country, working globally, being able to work from anywhere and travel. So, I was like the original remote worker, right? Developing a business that was brick and mortar, very local centered with a small team of individuals who didn’t think like me at all. Now we’re talking about natural paths and acupuncturist and massage therapist. And I’m your professional gal over here. It just was the completely wrong type of business for me. So I put it up for sale and exited when my coaching and consulting business started to unfold. That was probably number two.

So, what was your coaching and consulting business?

Yeah. Who was that for? Oh my gosh. I’ve worked with all kinds of people. So, I’ve worked with solo startup entrepreneurs all the way to seasoned entrepreneurs who want to sell or exit their business, all the way to a multi six figure, seven figure mark Executives trying to scale. I’ve worked with senior executives at fortune “fill in the blank” companies. So, I’ve done that and seen it all.

Ya, and you look like you’re about 21 years old. So, you’ve done a lot. You probably need to file some kind of suit because people made you work when you were a child.

You know, I did, I’ve worked since I was 14 in a business. And this isn’t really interesting tidbit about me. And one of the reasons I believe that I was fast tracking in my career early on is I had eight, nine years of experience. Although it wasn’t full time being in a business, I’m working in all kinds of different areas. So, I understood the complexity and the puzzle of what made organizations tick from very, very early on. And that’s really one of my zones of genius is to be able to, sometimes I feel like I’m not specialist enough, but I’m such a great generalist. And I have such the big picture that that’s what is really valuable, for my clients.

Well, and Michelle as somebody who has had the great fortune of working with you for several years now, I will say that you’ve got that thousand-foot vision view, you also really grasp very quickly what’s happening, what the problems, barriers, challenges are and what the opportunities are. And you can really help somebody grow so fast, including me. Thank you very much.

Yeah. You’re welcome very much.

So, I feel like you might have not ended where you are actually today. So, tell us where you are today.

Well, there’s leaps all over in that because you know, I’d like to say this before I answer your question, which is, it takes a lot of courage. This is, I don’t want to make it sound like, Oh, it’s so easy. It takes a lot of courage to make these shifts. And sometimes they’re not huge leaps. And I also want to call that out that sometimes it’s a matter of making one decision, then the next decision, then the next decision, because I specifically remember with my clinics, you know, that was my business baby. My very, very first business. I put in blood, sweat and tears. I did everything on a shoestring budget. I learned. I failed. And so, letting that go was so difficult, it wasn’t flippant. So, it sounds like a big dare to leave.

And it was, it’s pretty scary to let go of something that by all means was successful to go and do something now your blood, sweat, and tears in. Yeah. But it was a lot of small decisions in that one to get there. So, I’m still running coaching and consulting, but I also now have founded Evolutionize Media, which is solely focused on the podcast community and helping to amplify other voices of amazing women and potentially men that are really passionate.

And they’re going to have to wear pants. They’re gonna have to be amazing.

Absolutely. Required on our network.

Oh my gosh. Yeah. So really, it’s my baby love child now because I am extremely, it’s deep inside of me because I was actually, you’re not going to guess this meeting me now, but I was so shy and unconfident and quiet and never spoke up or never said what I thought always held it all in. And so it’s a huge passion of mine to not only put myself out there and voice, I mean, it’s not lost on me, irony that I can speak into a microphone. So eloquently now it’s really not lost on me, but to help other people do that very same thing and to inspire others to do that is really what’s in my heart that needs to come out.

Well, I am so glad that you shared it with me and that you are now sharing it with the woman listening to us right now. Or maybe there’s a man without any pants on.

He’s like, I better put my pants on while I listen to this. I know it’s the craziest thing. I’ve got crazy stories. I’m telling you.

Oh, I love your stories. So, I am definitely going to have to have you back where we tell more stories. But right now, I would love for you to, and there’s something that you said that I wanted to go back to and now I’m blanking on what it, what it was.

It has happened like ever since I passed the 40 Mark, I’m just cutting her off on her own show. Ever since I passed the 40-year-old mark things just get lost in my brain. Yeah. It’ll come back.

Yeah. Oh yeah. Believe me. Then they’re done that. Have the t-shirt. So, let’s just jump to the next topic, which is really all woven into what you’ve been talking about. You know, we met, we talked about how we both look and how we look different and how that’s a OK. Cause it’s who we are. But one of the things that you might, and I know I’ve asked you this, myself, that you have been thinking about and sharing information on your blog about is how to look your best for remote team meetings or remote meetings, even with one other person.

Because in this day and age, we really do have to do a lot more video conferencing, whether it’s from your office, with somebody in another country or from your home office, with somebody even across the street, it doesn’t matter worldwide. We’re using this platform a lot more. So how do you recommend to look your best?

Yeah, I have. So, let me tell you how this was born. I’ve been cooking up all these tips and tricks for myself, right. Over the years, being virtual and just in the time period that we’re in. So many of the leaders that I’m talking to and working with, right. They’re busy executives, now having to move everything virtual for themselves and their teams are like, what do you do about this, Michelle? How do you handle this? You know, should I be thinking about, fill in the blank? So I’m like, Oh my God. So this is probably silly. Nobody’s going to read it, but I’m going to write down everything that I’ve kind of done in my like secret little tips to look like this and a pinch, right?

In a pinch to look like you in a pinch, I would have, I would have, do you have an entire, uh…

Well, the life makeover, so let’s not go quite that far.

Oh my God, your best, whatever that might be just to help people think about this, because here’s the thing. And I was talking with my husband about this, too, because he runs a ton of virtual meetings. But a lot of people in his company now, which is, you know, Fortune 500, everybody’s virtual. And he said, the spectrum of how people are showing up is really vast. And I have a strong opinion about this. And now remember my opinion is really because how I like to show up and also my audience.

It takes a lot of courage to make these shifts and sometimes they’re not huge leaps. Sometimes it’s a matter of making one decision and the next decision, then the next decision. Click To Tweet

So you’ve got to think about the type of community that you’re playing in. So what I say might not completely apply, but the that’s the whole point is to understand the culture of the business that you’re in and that how you look not only represents you, but it’s representing the brand. So, if it’s your own company and your brand is tiaras by all mean wear tiaras.

But if you’re working for a corporation, what is their brand? Do they want you in cutout, cutoff, jeans and scraggly t-shirts? Do they want you with bedhead hair? I don’t know, but my opinion is no.

So, when you are actually laying in bed, I’ve heard stories lately of having meetings, where somebody is actually laying in bed with their computer propped up, literally with a coverup.

Now, let me give you a different perspective. If you were in person in the office, would you waltz into the CEO’s office and lay down on the couch, put your feet up and say, Hey Joe, or Jane, how you doing? You would not. So why would you show up virtually that way? So, I’m getting real. I get passionate about this because you want to grow your career. You want to make meaningful connections.

I’m sorry. We just live in a society that judges based on this first. Even via remote video. So, I have a whole piece on this and it has links and everything. No affiliate, things like that. But just to show, literally give you all the things that I use, but let me just highlight some of them because for the sake of time, otherwise we’ll be here for a couple hours, but one of the things you can easily do is get a good camera. You can get a good, not just use your laptop camera.

You know, you can get a good camera and a little clip on ring light or a bigger ring light. And you’re going to look 10 times better than without like it’s easy. It’s pretty cost effective. And then if you’re using a tool like zoom, they even have touch up your appearance. So check that box.

No, they don’t.


Oh my God. I have to go check that box. I already learned something. Oh, let me ask you a question. Do you mind if I interrupt you? I’m sorry, but I want to know about the light. Do you have one of those ring lights on right now for you? Cause you look awesome. Your lighting looks amazing.

Yes, I do.

And is it a small one or a big one?

It’s a big one. It’s about like the 24 inch one or so.

I actually have one of those. I just don’t have it with me today where I am today. So, a great tip, but I want to try the clip on one, too.

Much space you have. Right. So I have a big office second, keep it far away. And you know, if you want to get into the nitty gritty, it comes with different filters that you can put over it. And there’s like a PG one. I’ve tried it and it looks better with my skin. So I use that one.

Oh, wow. See all these great tips. And is this all these extra tips included in your blog post?


Oh wonderful. And we will link to the blog post in our show notes.

Okay, perfect. One of the other tidbits that I really don’t think people think about besides the fact that you better have pants on, you don’t want to just pay attention. So your chest up, because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to potentially stand up just because maybe somebody was walking into my office. Like, if you don’t expect to stand up, then you don’t plan for the bottom down, but you better plan for it. You better plan for it. And I would even go as far as to practice putting it on, putting the camera on, standing up and seeing what you look like from the boobies down.

That is a great tip. That is a great tip. I mean, it’s not, it happens. Absolutely.

And it’s not just do I have pants on, it’s how does that look when I stand up?

Yeah. Cause my dog threw up on me one time when I was on one of these zoom sessions and I jumped up really fast and then remembered I didn’t have a bra on. Yeah, that was good.

That’s what I’m saying. You know, we get a little bit too comfortable. One of the things I do, because I’m all about looking good in a pinch, because how many of you maybe don’t expect you didn’t get ready for the day, not ready? Because you weren’t planning on having anything on video. And then, you know, Kathy gets on the call with you for your interview. And she says, Oh, by the way, we’re doing video. And you’re like, Hmm.

Cause I love video.

Yeah. I’ll give you some of my tips really quick. I don’t know where we are on time, but one of the things I’d do, one of my foundational outfit pieces is either a tank or I like black or a pretty simple color, a tank or a tee shirt so that I can put jackets over it really fast and have it look good. So, keep a jacket in your office, keep a jacket that pretty much goes with everything. Looks good on you. And even if you want like a chunky necklace that would be taking it one step further. That way you can get on any time, find a hairstyle that works well for you, even if your hair’s dirty. Okay. So that that’s really important, right? Like I didn’t wash my hair out. You got to find out what works for you and then have those tools in your office. A lot of times I throw my hair up in a bun on top of my head. It’s kind of like a breakfast at Tiffany’s sort of look and it works for me.

Well, think about it. It works. I love it. I’ve got the messy bun. The messy bun really works for me because I don’t have the patience to do anything more. And, for me, it doesn’t matter if I have just washed my hair, it looks worse than if I haven’t washed it for three days. I don’t know how your hair is, but I can get ready, try my hardest, wash my hair, do my hair, do my makeup. And my husband looks at me and goes, what happened to you? Because my hair really does look better on day two or day three, because just the way my hair is. So yeah, I do the bun or not the bun, depending on what day it is.

Yeah. And I love these. The next tips I’ll share are for the ladies and maybe for the gents ,too. I really want to encourage you to think about your skin. A lot of people say, Michelle, you look, you’re glowing. Okay. I’m going to tell you, I don’t always have full makeup on. I’m going to tell you exactly what I do to look like this without a lot of makeup.

Okay. One is the lighting and the camera. I already shared that, too. And this is where I say for the gents as well, you’ve got to moisturize your skin. You have to moisturize your skin. And I use a tinted moisturizer that it’s in the blog post. So you can look at it. It’s a key soap product. So, it’s all natural, but it has a little bit of shimmer in it. And I think that’s what people see. Even in person, it looks beautiful. It makes my skin glow. I never thought about that. A shimmer Little shimmer, but that helps it be more light, light reflective on camera. That’s not makeup.

I love that. Even I could do that.

Yeah. Now it’s one product and I don’t know how it works for all the skin tones. But it works for me. It’s supposed to work with all the skin tones, right?

Oh. So, there’s only one tinted color. There’s not a variety of tinted columns. It’s not that. Got it. Got it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

So that’s number one. Number two is you gotta fill in your eyebrows. If you’re not going to wear any makeup, you can still get a powder and just brush it on over your eyebrows. It’s going to frame your eyes and it’s going to help you not look so washed out. And I almost think some of the gentlemen should do this. If they don’t have really strong eyebrows, I might, it just depends on how much, you know, how much presenting you’re doing.

I really agree with you on the guys also. And that’s another thing. How many times have you, and I got on a zoom session and I’m like, Michelle, how are your eyebrows so perfect? And every time you’re just like, I really didn’t do anything. I’m like, Oh, stop telling me that.

And I will tell you that because I don’t like to have to do much labor. I got my eyebrows microbladed, now you might be looking at me right now going, Oh man, you needed some more work done there. Cause COVID interrupted the finishing microblading, but I will get that finished.

Yeah. And in the meantime, I can easily draw that in now because of where they put that on my eye eyebrows. I’ve tried to do it on my own before they did that shaping and I was kinda like either one of those clown looks or a look like I had it on my eyelid.

Yeah. I mean, you guys can all hate me. Take a look at a photo of me or I’ve never had my eyebrows professionally done at all. The woman who has done all my photography, I know Kathy hates me. I mean, I have had them shaped a little bit, but the woman who did all my photography. So if you see like professional photos of me online taught me how to do my eyebrows. And so I can teach you. All I do is I have a pencil and I fill in not the whole brow, just the top. And you can make it a little bit, give yourself a little lift, you know, give yourself a little up. Okay. Don’t fill in underneath. And then with the powder, then you fill in the whole brow, there you go. Okay. It looks really good.

That’s a really good tip because I had no clue what a difference that could make until I did have that professional microblading done. And when they did that guess where they put all of the fill in part. Above.

Yeah. The filling is above. Don’t go below. Give yourself a lift ladies. Come on.

I had no idea.

Me neither. So, the last thing on the makeup, if you’re a no-makeup gal, cause I really didn’t grow up with makeup. So, I didn’t know all this stuff either, but just at least have a lip glass, like a tinted lip glass just so maybe not full red lips, but just to give yourself a little bit more color as well, my way you’re giggling at me, here’s mine.

I’m not giggling at you. I’m giggling at me because basically lady, everything you said is what I have not done. I’m sitting here going check. Nope. Check. Nope. Did I do that one?

Are you wearing pants?

Yes. I am wearing pants. It’s a small miracle though. Quite honestly.

Well you have a different style that you’ve developed your brand and community around. So they’re not expecting that of you. And I just think that it’s just important to, for people to take a pause and go, why do I have to get dressed up? Or why do I need to look a certain way? Well, you don’t, but just know that people are judging that. And especially based on whatever the culture is that you’re in. I think people, you know, and I’ve learned this over time.

I can’t tell you. I mean, how many people comment on how I look and I think the reason is, and you and I have been in the virtual space much longer than most of the working professionals right now that all we’re doing is sitting here. You know, when you’re in a meeting around a table, you don’t stare at people. But all we do is to just go, wow, look at her eyebrows, look at her eyebrows. I wonder if she’s wearing pants. Like, that’s all we have. I wonder if she’s going to stand up.

You know, here’s the thing. I actually believe if you have a hot mess going on behind you and we didn’t talk about any of that stuff. I think you’re going to get more grace around that than you are. If this looks disheveled. I think people are more graceful in, you know, your kids running by your pet, your pets, jumping up, you know, your kid coming in a little bit.

Yeah. Just like my dog right now is coming in and out right behind me.

I think people understand that you can’t control everything in your environment, but I don’t think there is graceful or give as much leeway if you’re just showing up. And you know, you haven’t washed your hair in a week. You’ve got a rip t-shirt on no bra, no pants.

Well, I will tell you that, you know, the Tiara thing I just did on a whim one time, because you know, my coach dared me. This is when you and I were both coaching with Ryan. And he said, you just have to get on there and do Facebook Live. And I’m like, okay, fine. I’m just going to go like this. And I wore my pajamas and a Tiara that I just had there. Cause I didn’t want to do anything to my hair and everything just blew up from there. Seriously, people loved it. And since then, if I don’t wear a Tiara, they go, well, where’s your Tiara. So you really do have to be careful what you start. Cause you’re going to have to keep doing it if that’s going to be your brand.

And, you’re leading the charge, this is your company, your brand, your culture, right? If you’re a remote worker, virtual worker for somebody else’s brand, it’s your responsibility to represent in that way I believe. Right. That’s what I would want my team to be doing.

Right. And, even with my team, I mean, you know, I’m very casual. I have a sales team as you know, cause you helped me with them also. Now can you guys tell Michelle helps me with just about everything cause she’s that good! But they all were either like you were talking about some kind of jacket over a tee shirt or they actually wear my logo T-shirt.

That’s great.

So, it’s still very casual. It’s very them, very my brand, but it is a really good representation for my business and I really appreciate that. They’re willing to do that. Cause they’re all independent contractors and they can really wear whatever they want, but they choose to represent my brand very well like that.

Yeah. I mean the relationship you have with the organizations that you work for, you know?  There’s a lot more tips and I mean, I go into the detail of the exact camera. I use exact microphone, the exact skincare. I don’t get any kickbacks or anything from sharing that. I just think people want to know, if they want to get some moisturizer, which one should I get? Well, here’s the one I use, you know?

You would not show up and tell your very, very best friend how crappy she looks or that she’s too old. You would not do that to her, so why are you doing it to yourself? Click To Tweet

Yeah. And what I really want to know is, do you have a picture of yourself in your attic? That is aging?

Yeah. It, uh, you know, shut it up!

You gotta be some magic going on here somewhere.

I will tell you, I do feel like I was born into a spot. My mom always looked very young. I mean, she looked really, really young for a long time, but one of the things that I do that maybe peep that might be different than a lot of people is, being in the alternative healthcare space. I’m a big proponent of acupuncture and I’ve had lots of acupuncture and lots of facial acupuncture, which can be really effective for anti-aging. But, I don’t have any other things, fillers or anything like that. I have dermaplaning done. If people see, people want to know.

Dermaplaning. I had that done to make such a huge difference. I knew nothing about it until about two years ago. And the first time I had it done, I was like, Oh, this is like magic.

Do you know? They have some at home options now for this. It’s dermaplaning yeah, me too. I was to make sure. Okay, so I’ll give up again. No kickbacks here, but Dermaflash is the one that I use and I think it’s pretty darn good.

Yeah. That’s the one I have.

And we hadn’t even talked about that before, but yeah, once I had it done and then I couldn’t go back and keep getting it done, I’m like, I can’t be without this now. And I saw that I’m like buying that cause it, I mean, it’s not like dirt cheap, but it is really inexpensive compared to actually going and getting it done by a professional. So yeah.

Yeah. I mean, you don’t get the spa experience, but you still get the youthful glow from taking that dead skin away.

Yeah. And you know, let’s get a little TMI right now. Cause I really liked to do that. I have a lot of hair. Okay. Let’s just be real basically. Which when I do put makeup on, it makes a huge difference because I could really have that, you know, more even glow looking thing with like, even with that makeup you’re talking about when I have had the Derma plane done or done it myself and if I haven’t, then it kind of looks like matted hair.

Yeah. I mean, it’s great. Cause everything glides on your skin, you’ve got your products, your products are soaking into your skin so much better. You’re getting all the dead skin off and anyways, I’m a big, big fan. So, that’s all I do. I mean, I’ve had facials here and there, but that’s it lady. Those are my secrets.

Those are great secrets. Thank you for sharing those. So I want to talk about one more thing on this topic. And that is because I know this is an issue for a lot of people. It was a huge issue for me. That’s why I did not do anything where you could see me for a very long time. That’s why I had to be challenged by my coach to do something on Facebook Live before I would do it. What if you have low self-esteem about the way you look and you’re fearful? Like I was, I was fearful that if somebody saw the real me and how old I actually am and any flaws that they would pick out that they wouldn’t want to work with me. So how do you deal with that?

Wow. That’s a deep conversation, Kathy.

I know, you know, we’ve talked about this in the past. I had a lot to deal with that. And now here I am – podcasts, YouTube videos, everything.

You know, I think it’s natural for all of us to not want to stand out in a bad, negative way. And we tend to focus on the things that we don’t like about ourselves and obsess about those things. And I don’t know that there’s one thing that you can do. But what I do know is that if you take time to obsess and focus on the things you do love about yourself, there will be less and less space for you to be telling yourself negative thoughts. I mean, my gosh, you would not show up and tell your very, very best friend how crappy she looks or that she’s too old or she’s too this or she’s too that. You would not do that to her. So why are you doing it to yourself?

Yeah. I love that. That is such a great tip because that can make a huge difference. Just thinking, speak to yourself, like you would a friend that alone is going to help. I know for me it was really just doing it the first time, even taking a small step, which is really what I did. And then the reaction I got from it made me realize people really don’t care. People really care about who you are as a person, not what you look like.

It’s yourself like your real self that people want to see.

Yeah. And you know, I also heard a lot of people tell me, I really do like to get dressed up because I feel better. Fabulous. You should totally get dressed up then. I wear a formal with high heels and a real Tiara every day. If that’s what feels good, I’m serious.

Yeah. I like to be dressed up. And so, but I actually, I had the flexibility just like you do is I don’t have to be in a suit every day. I can be, I don’t have to be and adjust heels, but I can be. So, I just go with what I want for me. And show up as me, to your point.

Yeah, absolutely. And one more thing on that topic. And I think you’ll agree with me on this, Michelle. I think every woman is beautiful. I really do. Every woman is beautiful. I’m sitting here trying to think of woman after woman after woman that I know. And every one of them, I see their beauty and I hope they, if they are struggling with this, I hope that they can begin to see their own beauty. And I feel like sometimes having a compliment from somebody, like I know when somebody tells me how beautiful they think my silver hair is, it really makes me feel good.

Kathy has beautiful hair.

And there’s always something that you can compliment someone on as long as you are sincere and really mean it. I say compliment anybody that you have the opportunity to do. So what do you think about that?

I think that’s our takeaway for today and challenge to the beautiful lady listening to our conversation is to make it a point. Don’t wait, as we’re wrapping up and as it ends just quickly make a note to somebody that you care about and let them know how beautiful they are.

Yeah. I love that.

That will really change somebody’s day. And yours, too!

Michelle, thank you so much for this. I know we’re going to share your blog post, but if people want to work with you first, I’m sorry. I got all choked up about that last topic. I know. I really did. We can go from laughter to tears very easily. The two of us, who are the type of people that you’re looking to work with. Tell us a little bit about those people in case that woman sitting here listening right now. Hi, you! You want to, you’re thinking you might want to work with Michelle or someone who might want to work with Michelle, who would that person be, Michelle, and how would they best get in touch with you?

Oh, well, on Evolutionize Media, we’re always looking for amazing voices who want to be part of a community of women like Kathy and I who are rising together. And we will help amplify your voice in terms of private work and consulting work. It’s really the same kind of message. I’m working with, a professional working women. A lot of them in C suite now who are looking to their next legacy, looking to make a transition and looking to find out what their inner voice their heart wants to create next and the best place to find me. I’m hanging out on LinkedIn all the time. Michelle McGlade is a pretty unique name. So I don’t think it’s, I’m the only one out there. You can find me there. You can find my content and you can get in touch.

Thank you, Michelle. And I will be sharing all of those links in today’s show notes, as well as the link to Michelle’s podcast, She’s Talking Back. Thanks, Michelle.

Thank you so much.

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