DTL 045 Bonnie Marcus

Too Old to Get Promoted with Bonnie Marcus

Bonnie Marcus started her corporate career at an entry-level position and worked her way up to the top of a national company by using her savvy promotion and relational skills. Her passion is now to help other women learn to be sensitive to the culture of their organization, embrace the politics, and actively and intentionally move their careers forward with a sound strategic plan. Bonnie is the author of two books, The Politics of Promotion, and her latest book, Not Done Yet!, which she dives into on this week’s episode!

Too Old to Get Promoted with Bonnie Marcus

Key takeaways:

  • A little bit about Bonnie and how she got started in leadership coaching.
  • Bonnie took on a job that she was underqualified for, but you know what, say yes and then learn as you go.
  • So many women will not apply for a job they don’t think they’re qualified for. Just apply! What’s the worst that can happen?
  • You not being an expert in something is actually okay! Someone’s got to start somewhere.
  • What’s the difference between being “too much” vs. having executive presence?
  • What made Bonnie want to leave corporate America?
  • It’s absolutely doable to build your business on the side while working a career.
  • How does Bonnie help women with their careers?
  • Do your research about the company before you accept the job offer. Do they promote women?
  • What are your expectations in terms of support from your employer?
  • What’s the risk of asking for money? There isn’t. Just do it.
  • Practice your negotiation skills with a friend or a coach!
  • Do you have to quit your job in order to get the respect you need, especially if you were a “lower tier” worker in the very beginning?
  • When Kathy had her career, she didn’t know how to advocate for herself.
  • What’s Bonnie’s new book all about?
  • Bonnie was SHOCKED to discover how so many women wake up worried their employer will find out their age. Ageism in the workplace is happening and women are being punished for their looks.
  • Are you too old to get promoted?
  • Be your badass self.
  • Do women in the workplace have other women they can depend on?
  • Kathy was so afraid to join a male-dominated mastermind group (they were all in their 30s), but she is so glad she did. She was embraced by different people from all walks of life that really encouraged her to succeed. It was herself putting judgments about her age onto herself, not them.
  • Your limiting beliefs may be holding you back from playing all out.
  • So many women think they’re “too old” to start over. You’re not!!!
When doors open for you, don’t say no. It is possible to learn by doing. Share on X Be your badass self. Connect with who you are, authentically, owning your story, what battles have you fought and won. You’re here now, look at all the wisdom you’ve had. Share on X We’re really making strides and women supporting each other is what’s going to help us all get there. Share on X

About Bonnie Marcus

DTL 045 Bonnie Marcus

Bonnie Marcus’ extensive business background includes serving as CEO of a ServiceMaster company, VP of Sales at Medical Staffing Network, and two other national companies in the healthcare & software industries. A popular keynote speaker, Bonnie Marcus is the author of The Politics of Promotion (Wiley 2015), and the upcoming book, Not Done Yet! How Women Over 50 Regain Their Confidence and Claim Workplace Power. She founded her company, Women’s Success Coaching, 2007 with the mission to empower and inspire women to own their talent and ambition.

She is a contributing writer for Forbes and has been published in Chicago Tribune Opinion, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Thrive Global, Ms. Career Girl, and Washington Business Journal, Ozy, Forge and Medium. Bonnie has also been featured in Inc, Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Fast Company, CIO Magazine, Crain’s NY, Diversity MBA and more.

Bonnie received a BA from Connecticut College and a M.Ed. from New York University. She is a certified executive coach, and has been honored by Global Gurus as one of the world’s top 30 coaches in 2015-2020. She has been acknowledged as one of the top 100 keynote speakers in 2018 by Databird Research Journal.

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