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You Deserve To Live Beyond Your Socioeconomic Class or a Job with Toni Moore, Esquire

Toni Moore, Esquire has been helping women build wealth through entrepreneurship for more than 20 years. Trained as a lawyer, she makes sure her clients’ creative works and business assets are protected. Growing up in the projects, Toni decided it was her destiny to rise above her socioeconomic class and succeed. She shares her story and the various leaps she had to make to get to where she is today.

You Deserve To Live Beyond Your Socioeconomic Class or a Job with Toni Moore, Esquire

Key takeaways:

  • A little bit about Toni and how she got started in her career.
  • Toni grew up incredibly poor and she and her seven sisters had lived in and out of shelters.
  • When did Toni decide to become a lawyer?
  • When Toni went to law school, it was her first real-life experience with rich kids. Wow, what an eye-opener!
  • No matter what, Toni was not going to go back to the projects despite her failing her classes.
  • Toni knew that if she became a lawyer, she could help children like her and help them not suffer the way she did.
  • Toni lights up when she is able to talk to young girls in foster care and show them what’s possible with their life.
  • Destiny has a way of teaching you that you are worthy of living your dream life.
  • Because Toni was so passionate about what she was doing, it also meant she got emotional way too easily, which is not a good look in a male-dominated field.
  • Toni settled too early in her career. She wasn’t picky enough.
  • And then something happened, one of Toni’s sisters got shot in the stomach.
  • Sometimes when we lose hope, we lose our way.
  • Toni, believing she had a miscarriage, still knew she had to go to work while it was all happening. She didn’t want to even tell her law firm she was pregnant!
  • Toni had to be strong and courageous. Despite her going through health challenges, she could not stop going back to the offer to become a partner.
  • Toni finally woke up from the prospect that she could have died. And she prayed to God, and asked him to not let her die an “almost woman.”
  • The next thing Toni knew, she was starting over. She left her corporate career to take care of herself.
  • Do not be the damsel in distress. Romeo ain’t coming.
  • How did Toni get into coaching?
  • Have you lost hope? Toni has some words of wisdom for you.
  • Give yourself permission to be the hero of your own story!
When you dare to leap, sometimes you can end up in a whole pile of mess or you can make it a mess for yourself, but I got through because I had this dream. Share on X If someone has a dream and you’re like, you don’t have the time for it, that’s literally destiny’s whisper of letting you know more is possible. Share on X You deserve to live beyond your socioeconomic class or a job. Share on X

About Toni Moore, Esquire

DTL 046 Toni Moore

Toni Moore, Esquire, is an attorney and business strategist with over twenty years of business structuring, real estate, asset protection and estate planning experience. For more than 15 years, Toni has created companies, restructured companies, developed and assessed Corporate Compliance Plans to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

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