MTM 124 | Lisa Carpenter

Finding My Worthiness with Lisa Carpenter

You don’t get like an extra badge because you did it yourself and you locked yourself in a room for a year and suffered through it. Like if you have something that needs to get on in the world, find somebody to help you and get it out there.

Finding My Worthiness with Lisa Carpenter

Hello beautiful Maven, and welcome to Episode 124. This might be a hat trick. This is a hat trick for hockey lovers. I have the beautiful Miss Lisa Carpenter back with me. She is such a fan favorite that I wanted to replay the interview here on the podcast. Now, if you are are a diehard of this podcast, you would recognize her name because she is no doubt one of the Maven favorites she is we’ve replayed her interviews several times because people love them so much. I basically have her on every year because you guys love her so much. And there’s so much wisdom that just oozes out of this woman. And every time we get together, it’s just the best chat ever. And to be honest, we don’t plan too much because we can just lay it out there and lay it down for you. And this interview is really, I mean, it’s just no different. So sit back, relax, and enjoy more wisdom from the beautiful Lisa carpenter.

It’s Monday, it’s Monday, it’s Monday, today, and if you’re if you’ve been hanging in my tribe for quite some time, Lisa Carpenter needs no introduction. But if you haven’t, let me tell you a little bit more about her. She is a nutrition and life coach who empowers driven achievers, to connect deeply with their emotions free themselves from judgment and create lasting physical and emotional transformation. I can attest to that myself. With almost two decades of experience as a health and wellness professional. Lisa is very much a sought after speaker, coach and educator who helps women make peace with their bodies and free themselves from the constraints of traditional dieting. And we are gonna dive into all kinds of things today, welcome Lisa Carpenter.

You know, I always I have this hangover thing from my corporate days where I don’t work on Monday mornings, I don’t like to do anything on Monday. Because it’s a hangover. It’s like a, it’s like an old thing that I just don’t want to do it because I don’t have to. And I’m in charge.

Typically, in my business, I don’t work Monday mornings, or Fridays. That’s kind of my jam. But because of the book launch, and because I’m leaving, actually, on Thursday, I’m going to women’s conference in Muskoka outside of Toronto, go figure that I get to travel my own country for once. I’m shuffled things around. So that’s the glory of running your own business, too, right? We get to change things up as we need. But yeah, I’m with you more downtime, because when we’re off when we’re not working, we are actually doing something and we need that more to grow. And, you know, next level leaders I posted about this yesterday, next level leaders understand that it’s not more working on their business that is going to get them amazing, phenomenal results. It’s working on themselves and working on themselves involves rest, eating properly, taking care of yourself, and the you know, the mental and the emotional work that goes with stepping into that next level of leadership.

And it’s a journey. I mean, you want to get to know yourself, start a business. And so you want to uplevel your business, you got to uplevel yourself.

Yeah. And I think that, you know, so many of us go looking for, you know, like in my bio, the systems and the strategies, like what’s going to be that next thing? And I know, for me for a long time, I looked for the who’s the person, you save me? Can you fix this? Can you make me feel better?

I have a million dollars, I’ll hire everyone at anyone I need to, can you make it better? And it doesn’t?

Yes, just do the thing for me. And you know, I just recently got caught in that with, you know, a mentor of mine. I just I asked a poor question. And I can look at it now and go, Oh, god, that was a really crappy question. Why did I ask that I had this huge opportunity to get feedback from him. And I asked a crappy question. And I had to really check in with myself because I was approval seeking, I was again going looking for that person that can say like, yes, do it this way. Instead of doing what always works for me, which is tuning into my intuition, and kind of going my own path. And that’s, it’s a harder, it’s a harder road to walk to be honest, because I look to my right and left and see people doing amazing things and following the systems and this and that. So I’m not poohing it. But it doesn’t work for everybody. So it’s being able to take in the information like being a learner, like I always want I don’t want to be the smartest person in the room. Like there’s lots of things I can learn about running my business better. But at the end of the day, it comes back to am I willing to make the hard choices within my own business that I believe will propel me forward and even if they like, you know, even if I end up on my face, which I have many times before, that was still propelling me forward. Those were the very lessons I needed to learn in order to go to that next level. So I just learned to take everything with this. Everything is happening perfectly. Even when I’m being handed a shit sandwich and I’m going, I don’t want to eat this, right?

That’s such a powerful lesson too. I feel like in the last couple of years, I’ve really had to absorb that lesson. Like, it’s all going exactly where it needs to go. Yep. Even though it’s not where I want it to be. I know.

And it’s, I think that a lot of us in business, especially fall prey to this, you know, if we work more, if we try harder, we’ll get there faster. And it sounds like you’re in the same place that I am, is we’ve let go of trying to get anywhere. I’m now more committed to the process. Like what is what do I need to do today to make today a great day in my life in my business, and I’m not really trying to get anywhere. So even with the book launching, like, it’s like, it’s really freaking cool to be having a book coming out. But I was saying before we went live, I’m less concerned with like, what’s going to happen with this book launches? How many copies will I sell? What will it mean for my business? And I’m more concerned with, what can I learn through this process? How can I commit to showing up for myself, and I don’t want to get to like the day the book launches, and I’ve missed the whole journey of getting there. Because it’s pretty cool. The you know, edges, I’ve had to push for myself the things I’ve had to step into, you know, the feelings I’ve had to feel nobody likes to hear that. But all like all the emotional stuff that has come up for me like this is the beauty.

That’s the fun part. That’s supposed to be the fun part. Right? The fun part. Yeah. Well, how did you decide to write this book?

You know, it was kind of one of those. Some people grow up saying I you know, I have a dream of writing book that was never my dream. And I can look at it now with a different perspective, I realized one of the reasons I never wanted to write a book because I was just so scared to write a book, and didn’t think I really had anything valuable to say, which makes like, which is crazy. And honestly, like I said, I’m not a systems and structures person. So it’s really hard for me to think like, how do I take all this content and put it into a book. So I decided to write the book under the advisement of, you know, quite a few coaches that said to me, like, you really should write a book. And anytime somebody tells me, I should do something I’m like, away from the rebel in me is like, yeah, I’m gonna do it my way. So again, I’ve had to wrestle with the, you know, rebel in me and the like, be open to learning. And finally, I just thought, you know, I have all the, I have all these online courses, which to be honest, you and I’ve talked about this, I’ve struggled to market them, I struggled to find the right message that connects because I don’t tell people what to do. I don’t give them a meal plan. I help them and really challenged them to take radical responsibility for what they want with their life, their, their, their body, their relationship with food. And people don’t want to hear that they’re like, how can I get from point A to point B the fastest? I don’t make any guarantees or promises. People don’t like to hear that. They want to know, like, what are the results going to be? And it’s different for everybody.

That’s to my detriment, right? Because people don’t want. So there’s this, there’s this line that I’ve had a hard time walking with, like saying the things I need to say, for marketing purposes, and staying in integrity with what feels right for me, and they don’t always line up people like marketing is hard. I’m an amazing coach. I am not a great marketer, right? Oh, well, so I’ve had to kind of figure things out. So the book is, like, what $16.99, I think is what we’re selling it for what it’ll be up on Amazon, for $16.99, people can get a taste of my work, and they’re either going to resonate with me, or they’re not. And if they don’t carry on, that’s great. And if they do, then they can kind of start on the journey around what it looks like to go into some of my courses, and invest in me in different way, which they’re not investing in me. They have to have the courage to invest in themselves, right, so many people have failed and failed and failed, or they believe that. So the book was really kind of a strategic way for people to get to know me at a very light comfortable in their own living room. Because, you know, it’s not comfortable conversations that I have with people around this stuff.

I don’t know. You just like come right at people and just say, I know, it’s like, I see you I see you bullshit. I see you.

Right. So it’s it was, you know, in part strategic and now that it’s written, so full disclosure, I got help writing it. I got help writing it because for me to write a book would have taken like, we’d still be plugging away. So I worked with someone and we took all my transcripts and put it together and you know, he’d lay out everything and then it was literally probably one of the hardest things I’ve done because he was super fast. And I’m like, you know, so many so many Gremlins can come up around this. I literally I had no time to deal with the Gremlins that were in my head. I’m like you need to shut up because we’re on a deadline. I would block off time, and I would just sit and get like we had to just keep moving. So I had a lot of help. So for anybody who wants to write a book, you don’t get like an extra badge because you did it yourself. And you locked yourself in a room for a year and suffered through it. Like, if you have something that needs to get out into the world, find somebody to help you, and then get it out there. Because the writing of the book is the relatively easy part, the launching of the book, The talking about the book, all the stuff that comes up around putting your work out there in such a vulnerable way. Totally different, totally different level.

I’m horrible if I have to sit down and write. So like, I dictated everything and then had somebody transcribe and I had editor helped me.

Yeah, we have to. And I think that there’s this belief that people who write books have, you know, taken all this time, and it’s been this struggle. And I think that’s why people hold them in such high regard, like, an it can be like that, but it doesn’t have to be right. But it truly is. And I’ve been allowing myself to receive this. And it’s been challenging for me, as for most women, we have a hard time, like we’re just receiving right? People are really excited about it. Like clients who have been in my life for you know, I’ve been doing this work for almost two decades, people are super excited about it. And they’re really proud of me, and people are telling me, so proud of you. And I’m like, okay, I’m just gonna receive that. Okay. And when I went to the post office to mail a bunch of my advance reader copies that I gave away, the woman at the post office was like, what are all the you know, what are you sending? Because I had, like, you know, 20 packages. And I said, Oh, it’s a book. And she looked at me, she’s like, is it your book? And I said, yeah, actually, they she’s like, oh, my God, like, she was so excited. She didn’t even know me. Yes, people really look at authors like, wow, you did that thing?

Because there’s so few of us who have the courage to write a bomb, it would I know, there’s people who talk about it all the time. But there’s a small, small, small percentage who actually do it. And and once you do it, you don’t feel like you’re special, because you’re talking to other authors.

Right, and I guess I just see it for, for what it is like it’s a tool for us to connect with. Different yeah, another level of our audience. So yeah, I’m excited about it. But so is it really like your framework or your process or your intellectual capital around how you’ve worked with people in your programs?

Yes. So, you know, we said jokingly, how passive income isn’t really passive.

Yeah, let’s, let’s talk about the journey around that. So I had been growing my programs offline. For years, I’ve been teaching, you know, courses around nutrition and how women could, you know, change their body composition, really build out their own framework. It was marrying what I learned when I was a competitive, competitive fitness and figure expert, and then seeing the stuff that was going on in the nutrition industry. And like putting it together and saying, how can we take this, this, you know, how people eat to really radically change their bodies, but make it like real world in real life for people and incorporate tons of choice, which is what I really wanted, as opposed to here’s the plan and go follow it. So I’ve been working offline in my studio for years doing this had had great success, how to eat you know, you and I’ve talked about this how to huge studio was just so tired of working around the clock, I had my you know, personal training clients and my nutrition groups and my overhead. And so I thought I’ll move online, because that will make this so much easier. And my cost will go way down.

I’m giggling because one, I know your story and two I’ve lived your story.

Oh my god, right. So my cost went way up. And I remember when I first bought first bought my first $2,000 course, which was like, huh, and now like that’s, like, small, they’re just some of the investments that I’ve made and running an online business. It’s not inexpensive. There are lots of moving parts, and I’ve had to hire people. And so it’s beyond what I thought it would be. And sometimes I really celebrate my negativity because I probably wouldn’t have done it if I’d know and say what the book right? Like if I’d known what that process was going to be like, I would have been like hell no, I need to wait. So yeah, move my business online, brought my courses online, you know, built them all out, which was a lot of, you know, like perfection. It was all there. Right? It was all there only to launch them and hear crickets. And I was like, what’s happening here?

Especially since you were very successful in your local business. So it’s not like you were even brand new saying I’m gonna just be this virtual business. You had a following local you had success stories.

Yes. Yet when you move online and nobody knows who you are. It takes time. So I in essence built my business completely backwards. Most people move online, they start working with people one to one, they grow out there. Following, right, they increase their social media presence, blah, blah, blah. And I was like, No, no, I’m coming out with a $1200 dollar course. And it’s perfect, perfect rested, I can help everybody. I’ve got everybody, right, crickets, which is, you know, and it has grown over the years, right? Like, I’ve definitely, you know, I think we’ve got like 150 women or something that have gone through my program. Now I’m in my, this is my fourth year of being online. But it’s like that road to passive income is not passive, there’s been a ton of work and a ton of tears, a ton of tantrums and face down moments, like I like to call them and it’s just these things take time, whether you’re building a business in person, right bricks and mortar, or whether you’re building a business online, it takes time for you to like, you know, go through that kind of product lifecycle, so to speak. And, yeah, there’s always going to be those special unicorns who come on and like, have the, you know, the multi six figure launch, but I guarantee you it cost them probably close to six figures to have those launches. And it just no guarantee, I just want to put that out there too. There is no guarantee. That’s right, because I’ve done a big launch before and barely broke even. I am more interested in building a long term sustainable business that is going to have the, you know, foundation to survive.

Yeah. And, and thrive because I yeah, I think if that’s the mindset that’s missing, right, that’s the, you know, if you are really building a business, you no one having the clear expectations, but to having this bigger mindset, not the mindset for this month, not the mindset for six months, but the mindset for six years, 12 years. And that’s what comes with the 20 years that you have under your belt. And then I’m not missing when you’re new, you just don’t have that vision.

No, like I said, you’re looking for the things and the stuff that are going to help you and to go to that next level of success really requires you growing personally as an individual from the from the inside out and working on on your stuff. So it’s business is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, there are sprint periods. But even now within those sprint periods in my business, they look very different than they did before. You know, Lisa, from seven years ago, would have been working till midnight every night right now, because there’s always more things to do. Right like, but you know, Lisa, today, yesterday, you know, was like, I need to do some editing and I need to have a nap. And I didn’t get out of my well, I worked out in the morning. And then I came home got back in my jammies with my little guy. I crawled into bed because I was I was tired and the emotional energy that goes into the spirit periods in our business, we have to pay attention to that. And you and I both know, like we both face burnout, I went through adrenal fatigue, leave you did it as well. You don’t just bounce back from that crap. Like, it changes your life, it changes your life, and I just can’t operate at that speed anymore. And the truth is, the more I kind of pump the brakes on my business, which doesn’t really mean I’m slowing down, I actually have more momentum because I pump the brakes. The more I accomplish, and the more successful and fulfilled I feel. And at the end of the day, that’s really what’s important to me. It doesn’t matter how many courses I have, and how many things I’m doing, if I’m always in this kind of pushing energy and seeking, right like I was constantly seeking that thing that was going to make me feel happy and fulfilled. I don’t seek anymore, I feel happy and fulfilled in my life right now. If I sell one copy of my book, I’ll think I’m a rock star. Because I don’t look for my business anymore to fill that empty hole that was in me, that’s, that’s my responsibility. My life gives me that because I’m in it. Not hustling for it.

Say that again. Because that’s so good. You’re not letting your business fill the hole that’s inside of you.

Many of the you know, entrepreneurs that I work with part of unraveling this attachment to the hustle is there’s value in it for them there was value in it for me, and I didn’t realize that I was unconscious to it but the the struggle, the hustle I was looking for my worthiness so to speak in the accomplishments of my business never really understanding my business was never going to fill that hole for me. Right I had to fight this is what I mean about the inside the inside out work that there’s nothing wrong you know, as my coach likes to say there’s nothing wrong with pushing in your business when you’re feeling pulled. But I was pushing all the time. Because I felt like I had to get somewhere I had to prove myself I had to you know, then I’ll be loved accepted belong, right? Like it’s all these different things that are driving us that we don’t even understand are driving us and they’re not healthy drivers.

Yeah. Is this the same? This discussion similar in your book I mean, it applies to different topic, but it seems like it’s the same like the insatiable. Whole. Yeah.

Well, I talk a lot about you know, so this book is specifically around, you know, when I work with women around food and their bodies, which is just like one portion of my business, now I’ve got all these different kind of legs, which feels very eclectic and messy. Some days. I’m like, What is my message, but it’s the same, like we all have our things that we use to numb out or not feel the things that you know, it’s the stuff we’re running away from, right. Some of us use my business. I know it’s not mine, I can tell you that.

Oh, it really is, like I help people dig into why they’re so addicted to dieting. Yeah, with my business people, I talk to them why they’re so addicted to work to their business and their work and the busy and the stuff. Right. So yeah, same message, a message so powerful. So something you said before we went live was about boldly putting yourself out there. Oh, gosh, okay, talk to me about that. Because that is really an important element of a successful business, I believe. And it doesn’t always mean what, you know, doesn’t always mean being on CNN, or, you know, like, myself out there means I have the courage to turn on my computer every day and show up. Yeah. So I wrote the book for my audience, right. And I wanted to really kind of put a pin in that body of my work, writes the book, and my course has done it, because my one to one work really does now more focus on entrepreneurs, and some of them do come to me because of their relationship with their body. But it was like, wow, I just totally lost my train of thought. That’s what happens when you’re over 40.

I agree.

What I’m talking about, again, boldly putting yourself out there was real, boldly putting myself out there. So it’s, I wrote the book for everybody else. Yeah, I didn’t realize how much it was going to grow me. I didn’t realize how much my book was for me. Not because I need to learn the materials. But because it was going to challenge me in ways I’d never thought I’d be challenged. So I made a commitment that I was going to focus on the process, meaning how I was going to commit to showing up for myself during launching the book. So it wasn’t focused on the end goals. Yeah, I got goals around it. But it was really like, what do I want to feel every single day? I knew I wanted to challenge my ability to ask for help, because for most of my life, I was like, I got this. I’ve got it, right, like asking for help felt vulnerable, it felt weak. So realizing that I could ask for help. So reaching out to everybody I know saying who do you know, who can I talk to? Who can you set me up with? Who can I connect with? I’ve gotten to have some of the most amazing conversations with some of the most incredible humans. Because I had the courage to put myself out there. I’ve gotten to meet people that I would have never met before. Because I was like, Well, why would they want to meet me? Why would they want to talk to me? So my book has become this amazing platform for me to say, Well, I got this thing, you want to talk about this thing. And then I get you know, I get to get to know them. So that the vulnerability of knowing so it’s one thing, it’s funny, the you know, I used to feel super vulnerable for me to get on camera. That was a bold move. Remember, right now I’m on camera every day. And I’m like, this is easy. Yeah. And then I found like, going live on my Facebook business page. Super easy. Those people are showing up because they’re interested in hearing what I have to say, going live on my personal page makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. Yeah, so that was an edge for me. So trying to do more of that. And just sharing my story more openly. Like, it’s amazing how we can learn to hide in plain sight. So I would share my story around addiction and my family’s journey on podcast interviews, but I wasn’t talking about it directly to my audience. Interesting, right?

Yeah, I’m joking. Maybe they didn’t want to hear it.

I think it just felt a little bit raw for me to just show up on my own and talk about it. Whereas when it comes up in interviews, it’s easy,right? I agree. I actually agree with that. Because I’ll be like, I’m an open book, but if you don’t ask.

Right, right. Yeah. So and just you know, it’s, it’s definitely you know, it’s a scar now not a wound, I can talk about it openly and honestly. But it you know, it does impact like, you know, my hubby is on board with me talking about it. And I don’t talk about his story. I talk about my story through the process. But, you know, I read a chapter of my book online last week, which again was like, okay, people are gonna see what’s in this book. And when I got to the part around my story, I had to pause like, I thought I was gonna lose my sh it like I was just like, okay, we’re doing this and it felt so much more vulnerable to read my own words, than it was to recount the story to somebody. So that was powerful. And that was a big deal. And then just like I said, you know, my courses are behind closed doors, people have to pay money to come into them. So, you know, it feels a little bit more safe and secret, right? They’ve made the decision to come into my community. Where’s my book, Joe Blow from Timbuktu could pick it up and read and be like, this is a pile of crap. And I think I’m going to comment on it. So I’m, you know, I’m not going to read the reviews or whatever, when it goes up. But it just seems like it feels a lot more vulnerable, because there’s more eyeballs going to be on my work, people who could potentially judge which is forcing me to release the judgment I have around myself, because like I said, you know, I’ve been back in editing because I found some errors. And you said to me, like, you could edit to look at like, it’s never going to be right, that, you know, why did I say it this way? Why didn’t I say it that way? Like, I could edit this book for the next 15 years. Eventually, I got to just let it fly.

Yeah, and what I’ve learned about having a book, it’s like a snapshot in time. Like, it’s not even what I would write today. But it’s like such a gift, because it was a snapshot of that time period. And what I was thinking about weakness in the industry.

Yeah, we found that in the transcripts, there were some stuff that we put in the book. And I was like, I don’t talk about this anymore. is out. And let’s do this. And this is how I’m thinking now. So it really is like, you can’t write the perfect book, you have to write what’s here right now. And understand, like, you can write another book if you want to, and I may or may not, I don’t know, I’m not even going there yet, because I genuinely do not know. But it’s been it’s been a cool process and talk about, you know, releasing perfectionism when my advanced reader copies came in, I was like, Oh, my God, right? Because I started finding like, more errors. And the first thought was, like, I can’t send these out. They’re not like, they’re not right. And then I was just like, Lisa, you have to send them like, you have to send these perfectly imperfect copies, you’ve got to lead by example. And you just have to put your work out into the world, like, stop, stop hiding, but even then, it took me like two weeks before I could get them in the mail. And I was like, I kept putting it off, right? I’ll get to it. And eventually, it was like, okay, you need to really look here at the resistance and just, like, lean into it. So yeah, when I say it’s, it’s challenged me and it’s, it’s forced me to show up boldly. I was not kidding, which is why I’m so tired by the end of the week, like I’m sleeping an average of like, nine hours a night, because I need that rest. I’m tired by the end of the day, because of the, you know, how much I’ve had to support myself emotionally and stay with those emotions, as opposed to just you know, just kept going.

They will write like, I talked about emotions being like that angry toddler, if you just like, let them let it rip. Mm. Right. They like freak out, they lose their mind, and then they’re done. And then they’re like another cookie, right? And they’ve moved on. But if you try and like, hold down a toddler having a tantrum, God help you like, you will end up with a black eye and a bloody nose, like they are fierce and ferocious. And that’s what our emotions are doing constantly, when we’re pushing these boundaries, there’s a lot of stuff that’s turning for us. And when we can realize the things we’re worrying about are not really the things and just that emotion in us just is like needing to be felt, as opposed to us thinking, Oh, I’m nervous about what so and so will think I’m not nervous about what so and so will think the part of me that’s judging me that has always judged me is like, freaking out. And I need to just be with that.

It’s crazy. So what’s the title of your book? And what does it mean?

It’s called Let’s eat. So it stands for education, action transformation, which is what I teach. And the, I guess the sub is it called the subtitle is that what we call it title and subtitle is break the addictive cycle of diet, dieting, lose weight, and make peace with food and your body for life. And it really goes through the different frameworks that I teach in my program. So one of my programs is called feelings and food. And it’s really all about understanding you’re having a relationship with food in your body, and people don’t see that. They’re like, No, no, I just need to lose weight. It’s like no, you don’t you need to look at peel back the layers on the relationship that’s going on here from your your beliefs about your body, your beliefs around healthy eating, the stuff your family has handed you so you know, here you go. I had a lady reached out to me last week, and she was calling because her daughter needed to lose weight. So this is where I like a straight, straight shooter. Her daughter needed to lose weight and she wanted to talk to me because she wanted to hire me for her daughter. I said, well, if you right, I can already hear you. I’m like, biting a hole through my tongue. And I’m like, and I said, Well, if your daughter wants to lose weight, your daughter should be the one contacting me because it’s really her responsibility and her weight is none of your business. Right? silent. I like I say these things people because it’s the truth. I am a truth. I’m a bold truth teller. People don’t like to hear it. And that’s okay. You don’t have to follow me. And she said, Well, you know, silence. And then she came back. She’s like, Well, you know, it is my business because of this, this and this, and you pick my battles. And, and she’s, you know, she really she just she really needs to lose weight, she struggled her whole life. And I said, Well, did it ever occur to you that perhaps she struggles with her weight? Because you’re constantly feeding her this story that her that she’s not good enough? Unless she loses weight? You’re her mom. silence? No, I don’t think that’s it. So this is what I mean, right? Like in my courses, I challenge people to look at the relationships they’ve had with other people in their lives in the stories they’ve picked up. So that’s part of the book, half of it is around, you know, that term we call mindset, which is really having the courage to strip down our stories and beliefs, ask different questions of ourselves, and allow new information to kind of rise to the surface. And then the other half of the book is really the framework that I teach in the program, which is how you put all the pieces together, how you build out your own nutritional blueprint, so that you’re no longer held hostage to following somebody else’s plan you get to choose, but it’s the harder road to walk. So it’s like, business, right? We can learn all the things about business, but we have to decide what framework works for us. It’s uncomfortable learning those frameworks, right? Like I pushed against systems and structures for years. But the truth is, the more I allow them into my business, the more freedom I have. So there is this uncomfortable period of learning these pieces. But once you learn it, you can’t unknow it. And then you always get to be in the driver’s seat. And that’s what I’m really trying to break people up is this on and off this diet cycle and just build yourself a solid foundation that you can always come home to own your choices without guilt or shame or you know, whatever is going on for you. And really pay attention to what’s happening in your life that’s fueling this constant. I’m not good enough. Because they’re, if you’re struggling with your weight, it’s not about the food, it is about your relationship with you. Yeah. And if you don’t feel good enough, it doesn’t matter how much you change your eating, you’re always going to struggle with your weight, because your weight is always going to be representative of how you’re thinking and feeling about yourself.

Isn’t this this is just so the foundation for life, which is you’ve got to fix, you know, and focus on you. And then you’ve got to learn the foundations. And you have those two things which aren’t super sexy, and not sexy, a recipe for success. Totally pixie dust, there’s no fancy, you know, advanced tactics, everybody’s hiding from you. It’s just work on yourself, learn foundations, get results, keep going deeper, right? Like we talked about this, it’s like, stop adding new stuff, stop looking for the next thing. Take what you have, and go deeper with it and keep going deeper, and you will grow exponentially. But if you keep chasing the next thing, you are taking your eye off of the answers, because the truth is none of us are broken. Our businesses aren’t broken. We don’t need fixing anybody who shows up as an entrepreneur already. You’re operating at a completely different level than most of the world. Yeah, right. Like we are. I’ve I’ve never met an entrepreneur that I was like, Wow, you are like, you need to get a job. Like most entrepreneurs have like a drive and a fire in them. Right? Yeah, we are unique individuals. We are smart. You know, we’re highly intelligent. It’s not that we don’t know how to do things, that we’re avoiding the things that make us uncomfortable. And that is the relationship that we’re having with ourselves. So go deeper with that.

Yeah. And the same is true in your book our relationship with food, which is amazing. Do you have a copy with you? You can show everyone.

My advance reader copy.

Thank you. Yeah, you know what this, like I said everything on here. So even the picture on the cover that was taken when I went to a retreat in Breckenridge and it was the first photo shoot that I did, you know, trucked all my fancy clothes, fancy high heels out. And the morning the photoshoot curled my hair, and I was like, screw this, like, I’m just gonna wear my jeans and T shirt because I just really want to have pictures done that are just me. Yeah, and I’ve never done because I don’t like being in front of the camera.

Is that why you put your outfit on? Because it’s like your armor.

Right? Right. So whenever I’m like and now I get to do both right I get to be dressed down and dressed up and you know, throw a little bit of both in but this was really just oh, let’s go do this photo shoot. I’m just going to be me and they were the best pictures that like I just love them. And I’ve always remembered that now right? Like, I don’t have to put on the fancy clothes and the fancy hair. Because it was my way of will people will take me seriously then I’ll look professional. You either like me or you don’t. Some days I’m going to show up dressed to the nines and other days I’m going to be in jeans and a T shirt but at the end of the day, the only person He really needs to like me is me. And I get to have all of that. So yeah, that’s story behind the book.

So awesome as Lisa carpenter, where can people get a copy or get on the premium? or so? What do they do?

Good question. So the book launches on Amazon on February 20, which seemed so far away. And now I’m like, it’s like, three weeks. So we’ve got a pre launch kind of party happening. And you can find that at least a carpenter dot see a forward slash book launch. You can also follow along on my Facebook page, which is Lisa carpenter, Inc. and I’m really doing my best to show up and share kind of the behind the scenes journey of getting this book out to launch because that’s kind of how I roll. I’m very much a storyteller. And I think people really learn when they hear no less and less advice giving and more storytelling, so people can grab the nuggets that they need. So that’s what I’m doing over on my Facebook page, and just really trying to have fun with it. So you know, hopefully, it impacts a lot of people. But even if it just impacts one, like, that’s pretty cool that I have a job where I get to, you know, significantly impact somebody’s life. Like how lucky are we to have the internet these days.

So lucky. And I encourage anyone who’s listening now live or to the replay to head on over and get on the Lisa forward slash book launch list. So you can join the party? We’ll put it in the comments. And let’s give some love to Lisa to like, let us let us know in the comments like how this interview has helped you and do share it out, share it out for us to help spread the word. That’s really weird on zoom, I can’t see comments. So I don’t know, we’ll have to go back. I can’t, I’d have to hop over to the page. So I’ve done a few Facebook Lives now where like you can go live on it, you’d have to do it from your phone, though still. And then you can invite a person on, I haven’t been able to do it on my business page. But I can do it on my personal page. So that’s kind of figured it out, though. I figured it out.

Oh, everybody who’s listening. We’re like figuring it out. But there’s like an option that says view on view stream on Facebook. So Oh, cool that that’s cool. And then a couple people said love the honesty, and great conversation. So we really appreciate anybody who’s tuned in and people watching the replay as well. That’s amazing. If you have any questions for me about my business, my but whatever I’m, I am an open book, Michelle will tell you that. So don’t hesitate to you know, if you want to ask me questions about my business or my journey, like feel free, I’m happy to give you my two cents for what it’s worth. Just you know, if you’re watching this and you are growing your business, the biggest piece of advice I can give to you is just be kind to yourself along the way. Like, we are all really just doing our best. And there’s no there to get to right. So keep showing up every single day and just let it unfold. Because the journey really is beautiful when you really get what it means that the journey is the destination. Like when that really lands for you. It really is a game changer and makes it so much more fun. And honestly, the best part of running. My online business has been the people I’ve gotten to meet, right like, we were talking about this the other day, and then we can wrap up. But like when I was in high school and struggling and not knowing what I was going to be when I grew up and thinking I was going to amount to nothing, which is the truth. My job hadn’t been invented yet. There was no online businesses there was like, this was not even, I couldn’t even do this yet because it wasn’t available. So wherever you are right now, like you don’t even know what’s coming that could completely change the game for you in your life or your business, whatever it may be. So I thought that was really fascinating that you know, my my job as it is today did not exist. When I graduated when I was like, Oh my god, what am I gonna be when I grow up? That’s so new. I mean, I don’t even know what an entrepreneur was because I had in my life that did anything. Oh, so I didn’t I couldn’t dream that for myself.

Right? So it’s just the possibilities for us right now in this day and age are unbelievable. And so you know, we think that everybody knows about this, but it’s such a small fraction of the population that really understands what’s available to them.

Oh, thank you so much for the chat. It was fun, as usual and insightful as you as usual. And I’m going to make sure that Lisa gets in the comments.

Amazing. Thank you so much for having me on. It’s always fun to jam with you on like, can’t wait. perfect way to start off my Monday. Yay. Awesome. Thanks for tuning in, everybody.

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MTM 124 | Lisa Carpenter
Lisa Carpenter CNC, CSNC, PN1, CPT  is the secret weapon for driven, ambitious, achievers who want to live, lead, and perform at their highest level.  They think they should have it all figured out but know something is holding them back from having the life, business or body they desire.  She helps her clients free themselves from judgment, move through their bullshit, and shift their perspectives so they can feel more peace, ease, joy, success and fulfillment.  Her Full Frontal Living™ message encourages her clients to stop trying to DO their way to success and empowers them to stay present to what they’re feeling and how they’re showing up in all areas of their life.


With nearly 20 years of coaching experience, an extensive background in nutrition and fitness Lisa brings a unique combination of coaching to her clients helping them claim a relationship in their lives, businesses or bodies free of stress, struggle and frustration.
Her work acknowledges the deep connection between our behaviours and our emotions helping her clients experience freedom from the constraints of societal beliefs that include dieting, hard work and sacrifice.  Her own personal family journey with addiction plays a role in her teachings as so often unhealthy behaviours are caused in an effort to numb out the emotions we don’t want to feel.
She’s the creator of E.A.T!™ and Feelings & Food™ her signature online weight loss and mindset programs and also the author of the international best selling Amazon book Let’s E.A.T!, Break the addictive cycle of dieting, lose weight and make peace with food and your body for life.  She’s also been featured on CBC radio and news and was voted as one of the top online weight loss programs and coaches in 2016. She’s also been featured on numerous podcasts and has spoken in front of many groups including dentists, teachers, breast cancer survivors, runners, Ironman competitors, and other fitness professionals. Additionally, she has graced the competitive fitness and figure stage, placing first multiple times, along with a top-10 national level placing at the Fitness Universe competition.

Lisa is also a loving wife and proud mother of three boys. She and her family live in Steveston, BC.

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