Dare to Leap

Join this conversation and community supporting women to create the freedom, flexibility and financial security they desire and deserve.

You’ll hear innovative solutions for the remote workforce, gather best practices from organizations recognized as best in class at leading virtual teams and engage in conversations with all stakeholders when it comes to the non traditional workforce.

Pat Taylor is the Owner of Accomplish More Together and Taylor Virtual Group. She is a Certified Virtual Expert for business owners who want to accelerate their business growth. Prior to this, she
Tamara Zantell is a Brand Strategist and Visionary. For the past 25 years, she has been lifting others into their greatness. Licensed as a Mortuary Scientist, Tamara has had to make a couple
Brian Basilico is an award-winning, internationally recognized author and speaker (and a self-professed geek). He’s the founder and president of B2B Interactive Marketing Inc., a marketing consulting and production company. B2B was founded
Liza Baker is a full-time health coach and nonprofit consultant, self-published author, blogger, podcaster, and woefully underpaid COO of a busy family of four spread across the globe. She knows what it’s like

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